Photography: Yetunde Adebiyi

DJ Bone

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  • Jon Rust
  • Dimensions Soundsystem
Abandon Silence @ Invisible Wind Factory 4/2/17

3am comes at Invisible Wind Factory, and the masterful DJ BONE demonstrates his technical prowess with the mixer, slowing the tempo to an almost standstill, the beat pushing and pulling on the spot. After what can only be described as gasping porno samples come to the fore, the tempo picks up and after building to a gradual climax, Donna Summer’s I Feel Love slides into the mix. Though his reputation is built as a techno DJ, Bone has just set the room flying to the disco classic.

Billed as a rare house and disco oriented set from the Detroit legend to round off the fourth edition of Abandon Silence’s Echoes series, DJ Bone follows JON RUST and the residents’ DIMENSIONS SOUNDSYSTEM. The underground ethos shines throughout the night – a collaboration with the organisers of Croatia’s Dimensions Festival – as members of British and international underground scenes are represented by venue, promoter and the DJs. Given their connections to The Kazimier, Invisible Wind Factory feels a spiritual home for Abandon Silence; a larger space to attempt more ambitious projects, a factor in tonight’s proceedings.

The visual spectacle on display, continuing Abandon Silence’s habit of incorporating ambitious lighting projects into events, is a vital aspect of Dimensions. Projection screens are draped in pairs from the roof to the side walls, going to the back of the room, leaving the Wind Factory shaped like an exotic tent. The molecular shapes projected above the crowd are initially minimal in colour, causing one’s mind to wander in an attempt to make sense of their origin. Bodily? Planetary? Is there a meaning? You snap back, realising that if they’re making your mind act like this, they’re having the desired effect.

Amid the rhythmic tent, the DJs lead the crowd through the night. Abandon Silence’s own Andrew Hill and Dimensions Soundsystem breathe warmth into the cold room as it fills, Marquis Hawkes’ Tim’s Keys helping to usher the congregation forward, Red Stripe in hand, ready to start in earnest.

Once all is warmed up, the night’s blood flowing, Jon Rust begins his set, white silhouettes moving rhythmically around him. Rust’s well-judged selection, which spans the majority of the techno/house spectrum, is well received by the crowd. The Levels label boss’ ability to recover from a brief sound system failure as if nothing has happened, kept the flow of energy unbroken, keeping the room moving.

Yet, no matter the quality of the preceding sets, both are transcended by the sheer brilliance of DJ Bone. His experience, technicality and ingenuity are reflected in a spot-on selection and rarely attempted mixing techniques, his transition into I Feel Love a prime example. Come the 4am finish, the night still feels short, DJ Bone’s teasing ends leaving the crowd wanting more, a desire which sums up the set’s quality. Brains entranced by the combination of beat and visuals, which create a microcosm in which time stands still, are taken from their rhythmic vortices as the lights come up. Wistful that tonight has finished, all agree on its success.

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