Deer Shed Festival

Baldersby Park, North Yorkshire

(Ed – In Issue 79 of Bido Lito!, we ran a piece titled Festival Families exploring the highs and lows of taking toddlers to the fields. With the aim of achieving a true insider’s perspective, this month’s Deer Shed Festival review has been penned by four-and-a-quarter-year-old Bowie Joseph Pennington, with a bit of help from his dad on the laptop.)


This weekend I went on an adventure with my mummy, daddy and Georgia my baby sister. We went to a festival called DEER SHED. A real, proper festival with big stages, fields of tents as far as you can see and miles of those light bulbs on sticks that snake around the site to bring the spaceships in to land.

When we arrived I rode for miles in this really cool blue trolley to take our tent and bags from the car to this really big field with lots of other boys and girls and mums and dads. This was the best bit. Apart from the REALLY big Ferris wheel, And apart from the big bubbles. And apart from the tennis-ball-on-string-on-stick game. And… we’ll come to all that later.

I had my brand new dinosaur sleeping bag in our new tent. Brachiosauruses are REALLY big. But Giganotosauruses are even bigger. We played Dinosaur Top Trumps by the tent. That was the best bit about the festival. Apart from the bubbles… we’ll come to that later.

After I had told my dad how to put the tent up – he was really struggling with the long bendy poles – we headed down the hill to huge circus tents and spaceships that my mummy said were stages. Georgia rode on Daddy’s back and pulled his hair until she fell asleep. When we got to the spaceship there was a band playing that Daddy liked. They were called SHE DREW THE GUN. He told me that he didn’t used to see what all the fuss was about, but how after seeing them this weekend he now felt a bit silly. I don’t really know what he was on about. How could he go on about them when I’d just seen the BIGGEST Ferris wheel I’d ever seen!

"While we were on the Ferris wheel a band called HOOTON TENNIS CLUB played Bootcut Jimmy The G. My daddy said he loved this song. I thought they were ace"

I asked my mummy 43 times if I could go on the biggest Ferris wheel I had ever seen. She said yes. I went on with my daddy and could see all the way back to our tent. I could see the circus tents, the comedy tents, the soft play tents, the disco tent, the science tents, the craft tents, the sports fields, the Wilderwild… it was like the whole festival was tiny like my Island Of Sodor at home. It was the best bit. Apart from the bubbles. While we were on the Ferris wheel a band called HOOTON TENNIS CLUB played Bootcut Jimmy The G. My daddy said he loved this song. I thought they were ace.

I noticed that lots of boys and girls at the festival had these AMAZING bubble wands; long flappy sticks that made bubbles as big as your head and looked like bubble asteroids. Me and my daddy searched for the bubble wand man and found him hiding in one of the fields. He made a bubble bigger than Georgia. We bought our own bubble wand. It was definitely the best bit.

The disco tent was the best bit. It was daytime outside but inside it was like the BEST Christmas party, with lots of flashy lights and the kind of music Daddy usually turns off in the car. But he seemed to like it in the disco tent because he was dancing really badly like daddies do. Mummy and Georgia danced too. But nobody could beat my twizz and knee slide combo. A lady dressed like a golden beetle painted rainbows on our cheeks. She was nice.

We went into one of the small spaceships to watch JESCA HOOP. My mummy really likes Jesca Hoop and thought she was fab. I found a brilliant spot to play with my bubble wand. I managed to do one swoosh that had 23 bubbles coming from the wand. It was amazing. Daddy watched a band called ARAB STRAP for a bit but I thought they were really miserable and made him come and play gigantic tennis with me in the sports field.

Deer Shed 2017 Image

After the 23rd game of tennis-ball-on-string-on-stick in the big field full of tennis-ball-on-string-on-sticks, Mummy and Georgia went to the baby bath tent. Mummy couldn’t believe they had big huge tubs of hot soapy water to dip Georgia in. The fact they had towels, nappies and wet wipes nearly sent her over the edge. I think it was Mummy’s favourite bit. It wasn’t as good as the really big Ferris wheel.

The next day Daddy took Georgia to a really busy tent full of lots of adults to listen to a man talk about the kind of things that make him shout at the telly. The tent was busy and all the adults clapped. The man’s name was OWEN JONES. Me and Mummy went and made a rocket out of paper cups and paint and glitter in one of the craft tents and built rockets in the science tent and flew them off a tower. It was SO much more fun. It was definitely the best bit.

In the circus tent Mummy was really good at that game where you spin a big plastic hoop around your waist. I was good at it too. Daddy was rubbish.

Deer Shed 2017 Image

We went on an adventure to the Wilderwild. This was a special place hidden in the woods where I learned how to build a den out of twigs, make a fire and had a sleigh ride on the biggest, bushiest doggy I have ever seen. Mummy said the doggy was called a Newfoundland. He was so cute. It was the best bit.

No, the best bit in the Wilderwild was when we joined a tribe. There was a group of silly adults in round hats and posh voices who wanted to build a pub in the forest. The people who had lived there for thousands of years made twig animals and did a dance to try and make friends. We made flags and gave them tea bags and biscuits. It was lots of fun. Everyone was friends in the end.

Deer Shed is my favourite place in the world. I’ve not taken my wristband off yet and my daddy thinks it’s going to go septic. I don’t know what that means. The best bit was hanging out with my mummy, daddy and baby sister all weekend and camping in my Giganotosaurus sleeping bag. Oh, and the big Ferris wheel. Actually, that was the best bit.

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