EVOL @ 02 Academy 26/3/16

It’s spring time and BLOSSOMS plant their very own seed into the Liverpool music scene, a kernel that will only keep on growing. The five men from Stockport return to a sticky, adolescent crowd in the O2 academy following their previous visit in October. Only this time the crowd has trebled, with waves and waves of people lining the walls to get their fix of easily one of the hottest bands of the year.

The hot theme continued when the band ooze confidence onto the stage and begin with Cut Me And I’ll Bleed. It’s safe to say that the emotions of the crowd have erupted, with bodies flying everywhere, the rhythms of keyboard player Myles Kellock at fault. The melodies continued into the band’s latest release from their EP At Most A Kiss which gives exactly what it says. You’re left wanting more from Blossoms’ next effort, like you’re begging for another kiss from the pretty girl next door. With a year deadline being given for the group’s full album release, it feels like a heart-breaking shame to wait so long.

Smoke takes the crowd sideways with the chilled, hallucinatory mood of lead singer Tom Ogden taking them on a journey through the psychedelic underworld, which is almost reminiscent of cancelled support act The Vryll Society. The set list at times plays to the passive listening audience rather than the euphoric mood set at the beginning: Getaway, a track from their unreleased LP, sounds amazing but is far from memorable. Their infamous Radio 1 Live Lounge session is beautifully recreated towards the end of the set, in the cover of RnB group WSTRN’s track In2. The band flaunts its full talents and potential, coming close to show-stealing performance as the crowd bounce to every word. Self-describing themselves to MTV last month as a “pop group”, it’s obvious to see how the band can easily open up to a larger demographic after this track. As Tom Ogden breaks hearts with only two songs remaining Blossoms don’t fail to disappoint, with fan favourites Charlemagne and Blow rubber-stamping the band on the path of stardom. The anthem-like status of Blow, as the diehard fans remember from way back in 2014, has the potential to become a “yeah but I liked them back then” moment if the band is to become worldwide famous.

It is easy to explode with excitement about Blossoms, but it will be very interesting how they will transition from an Academy band to arena status if their growth keeps expanding at such a rate. With the announcement of Glastonbury this week it can be a huge stepping stone into seeing if they can become the Blur/Oasis of this generation, or if they will linger within a diehard, loyal sub-culture.

Steven Aston

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