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The Wonder Pot x Cold Blooded @ 24 Kitchen Street 11/3/17

On any given weekend, 24 Kitchen Street provides an intimate venue for artists to really connect with an always captive crowd; this time via Kitchen Street’s own The Wonder Pot collaborating with Cold Blooded. Passing through the busy smoking area into a solidly packed room of writhing bodies, a fluctuation of projections frame BLAWAN and OR:LA’s night of bassy impulse.

Going back to back, JAMES BINARY and JAQUES MALCHANCE kick off in a pretty distinct way, surrounded by earthy landscapes of full moon skies as they dish out an almost ambient take on techno, that builds into darker electronic vibes with an aptly timed remix of The Hacker’s Shockwave from Gesaffelstein, echoing the crowd’s ascent. Binary and MalChance’s experimental inclinations tie a strong set of collaboration together, no doubt to well prepare the crowd for the versatility that Meine Nacht attendees have come to expect from Or:la.

Recently signed to the lauded Hotflush – a label that has a cache of releases from producers and DJs who remain innovative and instrumental across techno, house, bass and everything in-between – Or:la released her EP UK Lonely at the end of 2016, all while balancing throwing secret parties and starting her own label Deep Sea Frequency. Or:la serves us the same balance in the variety of her set. Dropping big crowd pleasing tracks like Borrowed Identity’s Red Acid Clouds to get the people moving, she immediately assumes the big room personality that is necessary to dominate nights like these. While the tempo changes with some crowd relieving tunes – deep house in the form of Lausanne from Todd Bodine and Martin Aquino featuring Steppenwolf – the echoing, warped sounds of Nima Khak’s Last Woman Standing aptly builds up to the end of her set, ready for an eagerly awaited Blawan to take to the stage.

"Blawan – just back from Berghain, and bringing with him a healthy dose of his industrial techno groove"

Under a blood red light and an intermittent smoke machine, Blawan – just back from Berghain, and bringing with him a healthy dose of his industrial techno groove – takes to the stage baited by a crowd ready at literally any point to disrobe. Collaborations with seminal techno purveyor Surgeon and hardware heavy project Karenn safely under his belt, Blawan has recently been busy creating a decidedly experimental body of work; this Yorkshireman has taken on the moniker of Kilner for Walk Type, a double EP of cerebral techno landscapes, the influence of which appeals and appears during his set. Fans of his label TERNESC and his releases on R&S Records are kept happy, as his style of melding ruthlessly big kicks and aggressive bassy loops peaks with Bryan Chapman’s Arsenik, at which point tops come off and fists start pumping. A hectic crowd emerges with British Murder Boy’s remix of Substance & Vanqueur’s Emerge 1. And the hammering continues in The 5th Dimension, as projections of growing inter-dimensional tessellations match this Dax J track and the force of Blawan’s well-reigned set.

Finishing off the night, the Cold Blooded DJs MARCUS BLENKINSOPP and TOBY CHANG corral the remaining stalwarts into the early hours. Cold Blooded have been away from the party scene for a little while, so to come back strong presenting techno hard-hitter Blawan with adopted Scouser Or:la satisfies the crowd that future events are in the hands of those that know what the people want.



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