Blanck Mass

Liverpool Music Week @ 24 Kitchen Street 31/10/17

The never-ending World Eater tour devours Liverpool tonight. It’s the last day of October and as part of the generous Liverpool Music Week, Benjamin Power’s solo show is billed as a ‘Halloween Summoning’. Considering there are ghoulish parties and all that guff taking place across the region, 24 Kitchen Street is very well attended for an audiovisual head wreck of a Tuesday night.

Power is one half of the ‘Rainbow Rock’ duo Fuck Buttons and after three solo albums (as well as a recent glimpse of the rather disappointingly bland Andrew Hung solo material) there’s an argument that BLANCK MASS’ oeuvre is now overshadowing that of FB. Especially when you consider that his music was used in the 2012 Olympic Games and his support slots have far outweighed the monster from which he was spawned.

Live, it takes on an entirely new distorted face. It becomes dance music from the depths of your favourite nightmare. The screen overhead is only a distraction from the excitable Power as he climbs, dances, runs, bobs and weaves his way through 65 minutes of ear-splitting, industrial beats. It’s techno for the deaf generation, almost sermon-like in its sheer strength and screaming delivery. The dancing can’t keep up and the crowd end up shuffling agog as the screen belches out blipvert imagery that would pass as high-end visual art space teevee.

As the set descends into the glorious single D7-D5 and the images speed up accordingly, Power is hunched over his mixing desk and laptop, mixing louder throbs and breaks until the machines snap and it ends. The composer blinks back at the wall of appreciation and staggers behind the screen. We can’t see properly and the hearing is thrashed, but for Halloween all this writer wants is go through all that again. And again.

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