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Absolut, Abandon Silence + Resident Advisor @ Buyers Club 30/3/17

Resident Advisor team up with Absolut to bring Alternate Cuts along to Buyers Club. A series of unique events that celebrate the different facets of nightlife around the UK, Alternate Cuts combines with one of the UK’s most forward-thinking promoters, the Liverpool-based Abandon Silence, to bring an exclusive jungle set from KINK.

Having been rated Resident Advisor’s no. 1 live act for both 2015 and 2016, KiNK definitely knows how to put on a show. The Bulgarian native is renowned for using extra tools to make his performances more memorable. Normally spinning house and techno, tonight the experimental producer blesses Liverpool with a rare jungle set.

First up is Liverpool favourite, OR:LA. Named by Thump as one of the most underrated DJs in the UK, the DJ sets the pace for the rest of the night, warming the crowd up gradually, with a mix of techno and Chicago house. Buyers Club sets the scene with a dark foggy setting, containing a small disco ball in the middle of the room and dark blue shimmering lights. Don’t Look Down Now (Roman Flugel remix) and Pisco by ISOLEE gain big reactions from the crowd, and by the end of her set, Or:la switches up to an acid vibe playing Paranoid London’s Eating Glue.

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Next up is Abandon Silence curator and resident, ANDREW HILL. As the crowd reaches capacity, Hill starts with For All The People (Chris Fortier’s Twenty Remix) and keeps the tunes flowing. Work it Out gets a big reaction as the crowd goes wild. Mixing between house techno and a little acid house with tracks such as Sunset of Ibiza (Doctor Warren Remix), the set is finished with Oh Africa (Frank Wiedemann Remix), the crowd is hyped as KiNK is now in sight behind the decks.

Finally, the man everyone has been waiting for, KiNK steps up. Changing the vibe of the night, KiNK starts his jungle set with the atmospheric Amazon Amenity (Chameleon Remix). As the set heats up, an intense light show appears from above the crowd and Jungle is Massive gets a thunderous reception from the crowd with its pulsating baseline. More jungle classics are played while KiNK sporadically uses his sampler in between to switch up the flow and to inject flair. The crowd is split into a mosh pit before the set finishes up with Goldie’s ageless cut Timeless. KiNK is met with a rapturous applause and overwhelmed with handshakes from the crowd. KiNK displays his quality and talent performing live – this won’t be a set that people will soon forget.


Alternate Cuts is a collaboration between Absolut and Resident Advisor, and part of the #AbsolutNights campaign which aims to continuously push the boundaries of nightlife.

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