Join us at Constellations for the LightNight afterparty – a live AV installation meets club project, presented by artist SAM WIEHL and soundtracked by superstar DJs ANDY VOTEL (Finders Keepers) and BITOWSKI (Faux Queens).

Playing with our conceptions of Time, the theme of this year’s LightNight celebrations, enter Constellations and head to the Time Capsule 3D scanning booth to have your image taken and evolved into a digital memory bank. Scans of participants will feed into Sam Wiehl’s live AV installation, placing the participants at the heart of the event.


Wiehl, who’s known for his work with Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and Forest Swords, explains that the idea behind his future-thinking installation is to “create a temporary, physical time capsule that is only viewable on the night”. Unlike the traditional idea of the time capsule, where it would be buried or put away for a future generation to discover, the event reimagines the time capsule as a tool for navigating the present. “We’ll collate the identities of people at the party and they’ll become part of the audio-visual performance. They don’t need to check Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, they can see themselves in the moment as part of the visual element of the party. It’s all about experiencing the event in the moment; being embedded in the event.”

Wiehl is also interested in changing the relationship between audience and performer: “The audience will make the event, they’ll be part of the process of the event rather than there being a usual ‘stand off’ relationship. It’s about blurring the lines and changing the orientation of the audience/performer dichotomy”.

Both DJs on the night, Andy Votel, professional crate digger and founder of the Finders Keepers Label, and Bitowski, DJ and multidisciplinary artist who explores notions of identity, gender, sexuality and culture, will play music that responds to the installation, creating a holistic, horological mash-up.

Whet your appetite for the event by listening to Andy Votel’s latest mix for NTS Radio below and keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for two exclusive mixes from Votel ahead of the event:

Constellations Cuban street food residents FINCA will also be on hand throughout the night to refuel party goers. Check out their mouthwatering menu for the evening below.

Time Capsule takes place at Constellations on 19th May from 10pm. Tickets are available here for £7 or for £9 on the door. All proceeds go towards supporting LightNight 2018. 

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