GIG | Monday 27th December

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The Wonder Pot: I Hate Models
27/12 – 24 Kitchen Street

I HATE MODELS has sculpted his sound around techno, industrial and trance, while never conforming solely to one genre. The French DJ brings emotive dance music to Kitchen Street this December, an infusion of sounds blended to encapsulate his own feelings, contrasting light with dark, joy with sorrow. The artist, known to his mates as Guillaume Labadie, has produced music on labels like Arts and Perc Trax, the latter of which released his 2019 album L’Âge Des Metamorphoses. Within a heartbeat, glimmering melodies can crumble into sheet metal. Expect emotive, nostalgic soundwaves not just made to dance to, but to be appreciated as a body of art that can stand strong outside of a club setting (but the disco ball does help).

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