The noise is back in town. It’s never really gone away in all honesty, with the garage/psych din coming from practice rooms across the region forming a constant cosmic background radiation. It’s the kind of thing ‘scenes’ are built upon, and we may well be living through one of the most vibrant in recent memory, right here, right now.

Taking over the Invisible Wind Factory for a second time on 9th September, STRANGE COLLECTIVE are back with another all-dayer. Featuring a host of brilliant acts that have sprung up around town, as well as Strange Collective themselves, you can expect the band’s latest all-dayer to be a night of dirty garage rock that spreads out into the early hours. This mini festival aims to showcase the best in emerging talent in the local garage scene, showing off just how close knit this little network of DIY musicians is.


Take a look at Sam Rowlands’ photo gallery from 2016’s Strange Collective all-dayer


New additions PSYCHO COMEDY, THE WILD I, SHY BILLY, RONGORONGO, WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE and EYESORE AND THE JINX join Strange Collective and previously announced acts OHMNS, FUSS, DANYE, PALE RIDER and YAMMERER on the bill of outstanding noisemakers, that stretches from Oh Sees-esque riffery to undulating post-punk introspection. Early bird tickets for this event have sold-out, but second tier tickets are on sale at the (still) ridiculously good price of eight quid (plus booking fee).

If you’re not aware about the intricacies of the ‘scene’ and all the amazing musicians coming your way, allow us to guide you through…



The organisers of this amazing event, Strange Collective are mildly elusive in the cultural climate of social media, yet they’re a band that needs seeing to be believed. Stage invasions and raucous wig-outs are the norm when they’re on top form, perhaps only surpassed by Ohmns in the nudity stakes. Strange Collective have gone from being Liverpool’s best-kept secret to kingpins of the heavy psych scene, supporting the likes of The Fall, Fat Whites and King Khan. They’re the shit.

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The new project from former Wild Eyes members makes its live debut at the show. Strange Collective’s Ali Horn tells us about booking one of his favourite bands.

“When we were starting out as a band there was really only one band in Liverpool that I looked up to in terms of sound and attitude. We played our first ever show with The Wild Eyes (supporting The Lucid Dream) and we were gutted when they stopped playing shows. We’re stoked to have Huw’s new project The Wild I. Cannot wait to see what’s in store.”



Simply the best band around at the moment: a searing ball of Gories-meets-Oh Sees energy. There’s nothing much more you can say about Ohmns, other than the fact that you’re hardly likely to see a better rock show all year. They’re that good.

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Pale Rider are newcomers on the Liverpool music scene, and are certainly ones to keep an eye on if you’re interested in this emerging scene of artists. They’ve recently supported The Lucid Dream, who have been staples of the Northern psych movement for a number of years, gaining them some attention from those with a keen ear for dreamy fuzz rock.


Not much is know about Yammerer as they’re relative newcomers to the live circuit. Ali Horn explain how he came about them:

“I first saw Yammerer in Sound for Free Rock N Roll a few weeks ago, and then again on the Bandstand at LIMF. They’re insane live, like a cross between Hookworms and The Fall.”


As well as established and admired names from the circuit, the all-dayer will be bringing you some sounds from the near future. Another such act who’ll be making one of their first live appearances are Eyesore & The Jinx, comprising former members of local act Tear Talk. “I first heard Eyesore through the wall of our practice room,” says Ali Horn. “I sat outside for about 20 minutes listening to them play. For the first time ever I had to knock on the door and find out who they were. Massive sound for a three-piece. honestly buzzing to have their first show at our all-dayer.”


Danye are rising stars of the scene as well, bringing a much-needed blast of summery freshness. Their latest single Happy One has been heralded throughout the music press, a lo-fi yet pop-like shimmer with a keen ear for a fuzz-riddled melody.

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On a mission to save rock n roll from the grips of mediocrity, Psycho Comedy are the jolt in the arm we need. A heady brew of Brian Jonestown Massacre guitar mazes and driving, Stooges-esque rocking. Lead guitarist and songwriter Shaun Powell guides his band through the gears in their thunderous live sets, with a flair for the theatrical that sometimes leaves other bands staring in wonder.


The fuss about Fuss is growing week by week, marking them out as one of the emerging names not just within the Merseyside psych scene, but nationally as well. Their latest track Coma is a dreamscape of psychedelic pop sounds that will keep you hooked in their world. Their set at this all-day event will promise new songs from their EP, which is due out 11th August, and there is no doubt that their live show will leave you hypnotised.

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A self-styled ‘horrible pop quartet’, Shy Billy (formerly known as Lying B*strds) are a lo-fi, garage rock romp that will elicit a warm response from anyone with a love for 90s alt.rock while still doing enough to sound fresh in 2017. Big, bluesy riffs intertwine effortlessly with more ambient elements to create something quite compelling.


Moody ambience rubs up against psychedelic doom in the slew that this group drum up. Backed up by some frantic guitars, the quasi-religious feel of the band’s different tempos lend them a hypnotic beauty.


Experimental troupe Rongorongo declare that they “shall not shy away from pop music”, which makes for an intriguing collision of styles. Moody post-punk flourishes jostle with hypnotic drones on their warped pop songs, where groove rules the roost. Essential listening.

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The Strange Collective All-dayer Volume 2 takes place at Invisible Wind Factory on Saturday 9th September, with doors opening at 4pm. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

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