06/11/21- The Shipping Forecast

Genre-compounding pop aficionados Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen, the songwriting duo behind the often difficult to define but always easy to praise SORRY, will be bringing their back catalogue melange to Liverpool this autumn. Their mid-tour appearance at The Shipping Forecast in November will mark the Londoners’ first visit to our welcoming city as the main draw, after waiting patiently for the country’s grand reopening to showcase their latest offerings.

Lorenz and O’Bryen’s association began at secondary school in a somewhat hostile manner, the former teasing the latter over anything and everything, but as the pair progressed through their GCSE years they formed a close bond over their mutual love of music, competing to see who could release the superior solo tracks on SoundCloud. After spending their formative years releasing a succession of singles and two experimental mixtapes, Sorry delivered their debut studio album, 925, to critical acclaim. The record is a fascinating take on modern indie rock, with elements of jazz and post-punk thrown in for good measure, and was intended to precede a UK tour before Covid-19 put the brakes on any possibility of the like.

With restrictions eased and a new EP released earlier in the year, the musical shapeshifters are finally heading out on a nationwide tour. Their most recent output, the wonderful Twixtustwain EP, moves away from the indie soaked magic of 925, and sees the duo explore a more experimental, blended electronic sound that harks back to their earlier mixtapes. Sorry perform live as a full, five-piece band, and their performances to date have received rave reviews for their technical proficiency and genre-bending setlists. The same can be expected at their Shipping Forecast date later on in the year.

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