Photography: Charlie Morrisey

Seke Chimutengwende
12-16/07 – Bluecoat

Acclaimed dance artist Seke Chimutengwende is coming to The Bluecoat for a week-long residency in July as part of his research for an upcoming group choreography piece. The choreographer and teacher has been active since 2011 and his latest work explores the theme of hauntings, researching tales of ghosts and haunted houses which serve as metaphors for the legacies of slavery and colonialism and how they have legacies in the present. The Bluecoat is Liverpool’s oldest city centre building, founded in 1716 and is particularly poignant for Chimutengwende residency because of the buildings colonial roots and links to the slave trade. For the collaborative research, the semi-finalist for The Place Prize in 2012 will be joined by a group of five dancers (Natifah White, Rose Sall Sao, Rhys Dennis, Alethia Antonia, and Adrienne Ming), and dramaturg Charlie Ashwell. The residency is part of a wider project taking part across June – August 2021 and is funded by ACE Project Grants. As part of The Bluecoat residency, there will also be an online event with Seke Chimutengwende where he will discuss his research into the current project as well as his earlier projects.


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