With September well underway, the weather seems set to take revenge on any summer pleasantries you might have enjoyed. The city streets are beginning to clear as Liverpool’s inhabitants start to head underground. Yet, this is right where local grunge-rockers JO MARY enter their prime, among the sweat-ridden walls of the many claustrophobic venues dotted around the city. The band are becoming a regular fixture in the Liverpool psych-garage scene, forming a close knit family with fellow messy performers MOLD and SPILT.

On 27th October they return to Duke Street’s Sound to reclaim the basement as their own, with another of their Seabass nights. However, after the success of their previous shows, you will now be able to witness a full day of mind-bending acts in their Seabass Deadliest Catch all-dayer.


Headlining the mammoth event are the proletarian funk outfit MEATRAFFLE, who bring their dangerously blended punk attitude up North to experience the Scouse intensity. The South London troupe caused a storm during their Liverpool Psych Fest set in 2017, and their raucous riotousness is well-placed to cap off this day and night of deviance. Having taken over from fat White Family as Brixton venue The Windmill’s de facto house band, Meatraffle have exported their “psychedelic socialist utopian” vision far and wide, with a string of releases of their self-described ‘bastard music’ through the Trashmouth Records label. Check out the video for their storming new single ‘Ndrangheta Allotment below.

As well as acquiring one of London’s most enticing artists, Jo Mary have managed to snare some more of the country’s cult, underground acts. THE STARLIGHT MAGIC HOUR are perhaps the most ready successors to fat Whites’ sleaze ‘n’ roll crown, which comes with a Pogues-y loucheness that is equal parts wild and uneasy. Manchester’s ILL specialise in the art of disobedience, their noisy meltdowns causing the Guardian to bill their output as “Grotty, wild, weird, frenzied music”. And there are still more announcements to come…

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It wouldn’t be a Jo Mary party without having all of their mates in attendance; and given that their mates constitute some of the finest talent in Liverpool, you’re in for a treat if you can withstand the whole day. Eggy Records co-conspirators WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE and BILL NICKSON are on duty, alongside a slew of über-talented noiseniks from the wider Eggy Family: EYESORE & THE JINX, SPILT, BEIJA FLO, HANNAH AND THE WICK EFFECT, UNCLE JANE and SAMURAI KIP. All freaks and friends are welcome at this noisy party, with all the acts in attendance ready to melt your ears off as you roll around the drunken mosh-pit.

What a catch.

Advance tickets are on sale now from tinyurl.com/seabassdeadliestcatch.

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