Microdot – The 90s Exhibition

British Music Experience – 13/06

Nostalgic for the halcyon years of the 90s, the British Music Experience launches MICRODOT – an exhibition showcasing artworks, photography, work-in-progress sketches and original props used in album sleeves designed by cult studio Microdot during the Britpop era. Including memorable works for Oasis, The Verve, Suede, Cast, Ash, and Super Furry Animals. Established in 1990 by Brian Cannon, who, at the time was an unknown graphic designer who’d just come out of college, Microdot was founded as a fledgling creative agency. By 1994, Microdot had become the most sought after music related artwork team in the world of its time. Quite the change in scenery, since it all began from a Lancashire bedroom studio. The launch night on 13th June will also feature a talk delivered by founder of Microdot, Brian Cannon. Joining him is the world’s biggest oasis memorabilia collection owner, Brian Garcia, to discuss key images from the 90s artwork.

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