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Letters To Gil
27/10 – Leaf On Bold Street

This year marks 10 years since the world lost visionary artist Gil Scott-Heron. The proto-rapper inspired his generation and many more since, but it’s Liverpudlian author and performance poet Malik Al Nasir who has felt his influence more than most. Al Nasir’s new memoir, Letters To Gil, charts the author’s intellectual awakening after a chance meeting with Scott-Heron after a gig at the Royal Court in 1984.

The author will speak to friend and former sociology lecturer Sheila Coleman at an event at Leaf on Bold Street on 27th October. A widely respected activist and campaigner, Coleman will speak to Al Nasir about the tumultuous journey he details in the coming of age memoir.
A product of the UK’s deprived care system of the time, Al Nasir formed a student-mentor relationship with the New York poet which transformed his life. Letters To Gil tells his amazing story.

A restless creative in spoken word, filmmaking and with his band The O.G’s, Al Nasir’s artistic lease of life has taken him down many fruitful paths. But all of them started with that coming-together outside the Royal Court in the mid 80s. Letters To Gil speaks to the importance of mentorship in a young person’s life, especially in the face of systemic racism and physical abuse.

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