Invisible Wind Factory Substation-  26-30/05

Imagine an underground serpentine space defined and created by your own decisions; an interactive maze which responds to and is influenced by your individual choices and movements. A subterranean world of your own creation. This is the vision underlying Jacques Malchance’s new offering at the Invisible Wind Factory in May. A hyper immersive audio visual experience in which your decisions and movements dictate light and sound.

This walk-through participatory experience encompasses more than simply an art installation. It is a puzzle and a game, inviting participants to become ‘players’ in the Labyrinthe and decipher how to use movement in order to unlock secrets and uncover a wider picture. The event is a collaboration between musician Jacques Malchance and Kromavision (Venya Krutikov from The Kazimier).

Malchance expands on the concept and gives away a vital clue to the maze: “It’s all completely contactless, so only movement is required. Be it walking into a room or corridor, or waving your hands in the air. But also stepping onto things is important. If you can figure out how it works and what each section does, you can actually control the Labyrinthe to your liking and also unlock certain powers. Ok, I’ll give this one away… the ultimate one is The Amen Break!”

Seemingly designed for a post-pandemic world, the Labyrinthe is entirely contactless and modular, evoking memories of a year in which hyper awareness of distance and touch has become integral to social relations.

Originally a musical migrant to the city, Jacques Malchance is now an adopted scouser and integral element in the city’s electronic music scene. Founder of Upitup records and arts collective Distant Future, DJ regular on Melodic Distraction, and all-embracing musical maestro, Jacques’ proven history of experimentation and innovation ensure that Labyrinthe is guaranteed to be a distinctive, captivating and unmissable experience.

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