Keith Haring

Tate – 14/06

Hosting the first major UK exhibition of highly recognised artist and activist KEITH HARING, Tate Liverpool is hosting more than 85 vibrant artworks from the 80s pop-art contributor. Many of his artworks demonstrate political messages, such as fighting against racism, homophobia, and the crack and AIDS epidemics; shown in the famous works Ignorance = Fear (1989), Crack Is Whack (1986) and Free South Africa (1985). After his death, Haring remained influential in terms of contemporary art, such as the change4life campaign launched in 2009. The artwork promoting that is heavily influenced by and based on Haring’s work, as the use of bright, primary colours is an effective way to capture an audience’s interest in order to spread a message as change4life did regarding the promotion of healthy eating. With a number of extra events planned across the five-month run to dig into Haring’s impact on the street art and hip hop scene in new York, there are plenty of excuses for you to sneak back in for a second look.

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