As we’re sure you’re aware, 8th March marks International Women’s Day, an event that strives to uplift women globally, explore the history of femininity, and shed light on the challenges we are still facing. From activists to artists, baristas to politicians, women make such an impact on the culture of our city, in wonderful and surprising ways. So here at the pink pages, we’ve rounded up some of the best events happening in town (and online, obviously) that are sure to shed a light on women who are leading the way forward, and the methods they use to succeed.

We start politically, as University of Chester hosts Kim Johnson MP to discuss her role as the first black MP for Liverpool. Talking to student Gemma Sparkes, Johnson will discuss her formative career, how she is leading the way for equality in the city, and what it means to be seen as a female role model. The event starts at 10am.

Next up, National Museums Liverpool are hosting a live online discussion to commemorate the day. Focusing on women in activism, Chantelle Lunt, founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance, and Charlie Craggs, author, activist and founder of Nail Transphobia will discuss their respective campaigns, and how we as a community can better support women of colour and trans women.

If you’re looking for arts-based discussion, The University of Liverpool is hosting a number of presentations and performances under the theme of Women in Music 2021. From panel discussions to lunchtime concerts, the event will strive to shed light on the roles of female music professionals globally and give students and partakers a chance to network with some of the industry’s rising stars.

For literary fans, these are the IWD-themed publications being released locally to get your hands on. The first is the Skywriters book from Natalie Denny. Denny’s organisation Skywriters strives to support emerging communities with confidence, and personal development through creative education. Released 4th March, the book will feature a collection of illustrations, prose and poetry that focus on themes of self-love, grief and kinship.

In celebration of the day – and the much anticipated release of Who’s Loving You, a collection of love stories from women of colour – Everyman and Dark Matter will interview author Sareeta Domingo. Discussing her background and inspirations behind the novel, the event will feature readings from Domingo, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Daniellé Dash and Dorothy Koomson, alongside many more.

Finally, scouse vanguards Where Are The Girl Bands? are putting together a zine that focuses on the theme of International Women’s Day. Currently open for submissions, the zine will feature essays, poetry, artwork and playlists from local creatives, and be released on 8th March.

All these events are a reminder of how much work is being done to cultivate and inspire culture in our city by the women who reside in it. There is so much to be discovered, explored and discussed when it comes to the roles of women within Liverpool; all we have to do is listen.

Kim Johnson MP at University of Chester:
Women in Activism at National Museums Liverpool: women-activism-conversation
Women in Music at University of Liverpool:
Skywriters book:
Who’s Loving You at Everyman Cinema:
Where Are The Girl Bands? zine:


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