Photography: Rob May

Humble Abode, in aid of Good Night Out
Meraki – 30/04

There’s no party like a house party. This April, Humble Abode reinvent their signature house party atmosphere for a Covid adapted world with Table Service at Meraki, a socially distanced party celebrating Liverpool’s female and non-binary DJs. The event offers a spectrum of sound, encompassing house, disco, garage, and jungle, with a line-up including LUPINI, G33 B2B DOBBS, SUBCORA, NIKI CHONG, and YEAHITSRENEE.

From modest origins as a university basement party, Humble Abode have evolved into a regular promotion at the centre of Liverpool’s music scene. The promoter endeavours to create safe and inclusive spaces for everyone, celebrating queer culture and the power of love through its events

Humble Abode’s most recent offering is in aid of Good Night Out, a charity focused on creating safer music, culture and nightlife spaces to ensure that “nights out are about fun and freedom, not fear”. The campaign collaborates with organisations across the nightlife industry to end gender based violence, particularly sexual assault and harassment.


The depressing prevalence of these types of incidents and the critical nature of campaigns such as Good Night Out was eloquently explored by Mary Olive in Issue 113. All proceeds from Humble Abode’s event will be donated to Good Night Out, supporting the organisation in ensuring that nightlife spaces are a form of escapism and freedom for everyone.

Mary culminated her piece with the hope that maybe one day “we can all dance in peace”. This event, in its celebration of women and non-binary artists and its promotion of a safe and inclusive environment, is testament to the fact that this hope can become a reality. It provides a template for a more compassionate kind of nightlife, while also just being a damn good excuse to moonwalk, shuffle and twerk your way around the dancefloor (well… table).

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