Everyman – 13-14/11

The boards at Liverpool’s Everyman theatre will be trodden upon for the first time since March this month. Three shows from LGBTQIA festival Homotopia will be hosted by the Hope Street venue for an eclectic mix of theatre, spoken word, visual art and music. The performances follow the festival’s 2020 theme of Show Your Working with Friends Fabulous Cabaret, Plaster Cast Theatre and S/He/It Happens producing thought-provoking, fun and ground-breaking work.

Homotopia’s talent development programme QueerCore present a night of drag, poetry and theatre featuring Pretentious Dross, The QueerBodies Poetry Collective and Mooncup Theatre for the opening night. The inaugural production was helped to be realised by LCR Pride Foundation Community Fund. Comedian and Playwright ERINN DHESI will also perform as a special guest for the opening evening at the storied venue.

Following on from the Friends Fabulous Cabaret, there will be a double bill which puts trans performers and stories centre stage. Sound Cistem by Plaster Cast Theatre brings the audience into a night club filled with real life stories from trans and non-binary people. The show is a self-love manifesto told with the aid of riotous, glittering disco.

MITCHELL JAY stars in S/He/it Happens, a performance which uses physical comedy to explore dysphoria and identity. Billed as their “farewell tits show”, it’s Mitchell’s last event performance before their surgery is due to take place later in the year.

As well as these in-venue performances, there will be a drag promenade along Hope Street with workshops on drag tips for those wanting to partake. A queer-imagining of city planning will take place via a Queer the City art crawl and A Lovely Word poetry evening will feature poet, actor and writer JADE ANOUSKA. Much of Homotopia will be broadcast via live stream this year and all performances will be appropriately socially distanced and Covid-safe.

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