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It’s all going off in Birkenhead. With the help of initiatives such as Wirral New Music Collective, the people of Merseyside are starting to realise that they should appreciate the never-ending stream of quality music that pours from the Mersey shores. There is so much young talent flooding out of the city streets and the coastal paths right now, it is astonishing. One such outlet for all this activity has been the coming together of Astral Coast and War Room Records to bring a new, fully recorded night of mind-melting music in the makeshift venue at Fresh Goods Studios.

The collective’s first instalment, Fresh Goods Batch 001, took place back in August and boasted some of the most highly praised local acts, with SPQR and Eyesore & The Jinx leading the line. Fresh Goods Studios has its own burgeoning reputation, having been the place where Pure Joy formed and percolated, but also where Beach Skulls and ASTLES have recorded recent work. And that’s just the beginning.

All live sets on the night of FG001 were recorded live, capturing the sweaty, punky thrill of the DIY night. With plans afoot for full releases of all bootlegged sets – including performances from Beija Flo, Bill Nickson and Sam (Jo Mary) – we can exclusively reveal a teaser of what it sounded like with this Fresh Goods Batch 001 compilation.

Having barely recovered from its last outing, Fresh Goods Studios is ready and waiting for the next batch of Merseyside’s finest to paint the walls with their sonic vibrations once again. Batch 002, taking place on Saturday 17th November, features two bands who have been constantly evolving in their home setting, SEATBELTS and FUSS. The former bring with them a sound full of bittersweet lyricism attenuated with loose-fitting riffs and vocal melodies characteristic of Scouse pop. FUSS, on the other hand, capture the psychedelic component that has been carving its way around Liverpool’s music scene for years now. You can find yourself slipping into a state of disconnection between yourself and the world around you while being indulged with the spaced-out euphoria of their sound. You can feel lost inside their radiation, and this effect will surely only be amplified in this unique location.

Complementing these bands are the rich, atmospheric textures of ASTLES, the head-spinning electro workings of MUNKEY JUNKEY and the melancholy exploration of sound that is a MONO SIDEBOARDS set. Together, these five artists will create an irresistible portfolio of what the area has to offer.


The first Fresh Goods night was not a night where the musical content was the sole attraction and or one where the gig holds little significance outside of hours, it created a connection that runs deeper. It united the individuals who keep Merseyside music alive, the musical components in a national hub for culture. By attending you felt as though you were playing a part in something larger and contributing to the evolution of the musical landscape of the local vicinity. If all goes to plan, with five mouth-watering acts and the unusual liberty of BYOB, this second Fresh Goods showcase is set to be no different. All sets from the night will also be recorded allowing you to become part of what will not only be a immersive night of community, but a recorded moment in the timeline of Merseyside culture and in the lives of these locals artists.

Tickets are available for £10 in advance, and you’ll be lucky if there are any spaces left on the door. Grab your tickets now.

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