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The line-ups for the two (three, if you count the Birkenhead chapter, which you should) FESTEVOL all-dayers are things of beauty. While the AstraZeneca vaccine is great, the likes of SELF ESTEEM, KELLY LEE OWENS and STEALING SHEEP busting out their hits to a gig-hungry Invisible Wind Factory crowd is the perfect inoculation against any further yearning for live music. The venerable punkers EYESORE & THE JINX will be making their return to the stage that first weekend, but they’ll also be taking in the performances with the rest of us. To get us ready for the 7th and 14th August, Eyesore vox-man Josh Miller has picked the tracks he’s most looking forward to bearing witness to with his Festevol Rammers.


Kelly Lee Owens – Jeanette
It was a wise move from FestEvol to go heavy on booking sweat patch-inducing electronic bops this year. None are likely to get those underarms clammy more-so than this eckie for the ears. A song that demands limbs and I am sure that when that first weekend rolls around, it’s limbs that it will receive.

Working Men’s Club – X
A Calder-Valley new wave rammer that’s likely to prompt existential dread when I realise how much younger its creator is than me. Always exciting when an artist quickly follows up an album with something equally good if not better than their previous work. If you’re not dancing you are most certainly a bizzie.

Self Esteem – I Do This All The Time
A song that has justifiably taken over the entirety of national radio these last few months and has now begun taking over terrestrial television as well. Surrender to it. You’re powerless. It has a chorus so strong it will reach into your throat and drag every word out of your mouth at full volume, whether you want to sing or not.

Stealing Sheep – Apparition
There comes a point in any full day of live music where only shiny pop smash hits will do. So it’s a good thing that Stealing Sheep knock out shiny pop smash hits like no one’s business. They’re heavy hitters on the live front too, and almost inspired Eyesore to incorporate dance routines into our live shows. An idea I’m still persisting with.

Beija Flo – Nudes
The emotional wrench of this tune is likely to be a welcome distraction from the mid-August sunburn which would have well and truly set in during Ms. Flo’s set, leaving me looking a plush shade of medium rare. A fellow egg (Eggy Records alumni) and excellent (resisted the urge to spell it ‘eggscellent’, because we’re all better than that) all round artist, this is a set not to be missed.

Rongorongo – Black Rain
There will be more than a fair share of Liverpool’s music community who will be having a ‘moment’ when Rongorongo finally return to the stage, such is the high regard that they’re held in round these parts – and further afield for that matter. I for one will be there too, soaking in those glorious basslines and studying Mick’s dance moves like a wildlife documentarian whose just discovered the rarest of rare beasts.

The DSM IV – Scumbag
Kappa Trackies – check. Mullets – check. Hits – check. Guy McKnight bouncing off the walls like that kid in your secondary school who used to have a Lucozade for breakfast – check. Get ‘em watched.

Ali Horn – La Brea Tar
If you’ve walked through the city centre at any point in the previous two years, chances are Ali Horn has serenaded you as you’ve walked by. And you’ve probably turned to the person next to you, or the little man or woman who lives inside your head and said “good him, isn’t he?” and they will have very likely agreed. This is an early cut off Ali’s debut album, which I imagine he’ll be playing more of at FestEvol and it’s very nice. Like Springsteen if he’d swapped New Jersey for L8, as I’m led to believe he was close to doing.

Eyesore & The Jinx play FestEvol on Saturday 7th August.

Tickets available for 7th August and 14th August events via Skiddle & SeeTickets.

Listen to Josh’s Festevol Rammers on Spotify.

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