28/12 – Blackstone Warehouse

The annual, unsettling liminality that exists between Christmas and New Year celebrations is a call-to-arms to something ephemeral, something visceral – something to ground us and remind us of our delicate mortality on this Goldilocks rock that we miraculously call home.

After the crackered, party-hatted mountainous Christmas dinners are gulped down and our penchant for a sparkling tipple is very much tippled, we look ahead to the grand finale; the end, the crossed-arm, Auld Lang Syned farewell to another orbit of the sun.

But the days in between stretch to a lifetime, and this merry giddiness has a knack for being ripped from underneath our feet as quickly as it arrived.

In the end, such things have a way of working themselves out. Descending underneath the gabled roof of the North Docks’ Blackstone Warehouse on the 28th of December, CIRCUS present their final curated event of 2021 in its Christmas Special – a nine-hour night of hedonist proportions to help us see the year out.

The Witching Week club night is now an annual staple in Liverpool’s clubbing calendar, with the parties bringing some of the brightest names in house and techno to the city.

Headed up by the Neapolitan master of electronics, MARCO CAROLA, this year’s party will also welcome other doyens of dance and phosphorescence in MICHAEL BIBI, YOUSEF, JADEN THOMPSON, and CHLOÉ ROBINSON, in a night that promises to overflow our liminal end-of-year predicament with an itinerary to kickstart 2021’s curtail call.

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