It’s been four years since our homegrown electro-disco quartet released their debut, self-titled LP, but the lads haven’t been idle. THE TEA STREET BAND have spent the past few months honing their disco-friendly sound, and squeezing it into another handy album-size format. Frequency is the result of this sculpting and moulding, and it’s another pulsating piece of work that trips along like clockwork.

The latest single to be taken from it is Only Love, a hammer of a tune that is pure, thumping Tea Street. It opens up with a euphoric, housey synth line, and continues the clubby atmosphere as it moves between New Order-esque angular stabs and unadulterated Balearic bliss. The video, directed by digital whizzkid Dom Foster, is a surging slew of 3-D visuals that pulses in perfect synchronicity with the tune. Check out the video below – and read some comments from TSB’s bassist Nick Otaegui about the track below.

Bido Lito Embeded Video

It seems like a stupid question, but… what’s the song about?
Immortality, relationships, lost youth. As you get older, move through the ages of your life, a lot of things once very important can become insignificant. Along that path, love seems to rise above the lot. It never dies. Love conquers all. Love immortal.

If you had to describe the album’s style in a sentence what would you say?
Dark electro fused with heavy guitar riffs and clever beats, reflecting on the moods, vibrations and frequencies of this mortal coil.

You’ve described Frequency as “future music”. How do you think this album differs from your first record?
It’s over all slower in tempo and far more atmospheric. More focus on particular synth sounds, beats and sonicscapes. From a songwriting perspective, it’s far more reflective, and mature as we’re all a bit older and, hopefully, wiser.

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?
I think all songwriting comes from a mixture of everything you’re consuming on a sensory, emotional, social and survival level. We are a matter of the world we live in. Sincerity is always what matters in songwriting for me. When someone speaks their truth, it hits us. There are only so many stories to tell, but infinite ways to tell them.



Frequency is out now via Modern Sky UK, available on all formats here: The Tea Street Band play North Shore Troubadour on 15th December, a free entry event to celebrate the end of their UK tour. Sign up for your free ticket now.

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