The mayhem-inducing trio that is SALT THE SNAIL are as vicious and unrelenting as their name suggests. After gathering a stream of praise from Merseyside and beyond for their unforgettably manic live shows, they began converting their wild sound into two quick hits of energy in the form of two singles. Coffee and Spanish Announce Table are songs that wrap around your ears in a sonic bubble for the short time they play, making great music out of their shared love of caffeine and wrestling (though not at the same time, of course). In keeping with this trend is the latest addition to their catalogue, Lazer Quest.

Behold the video for this thumping new single below, documenting a rather sadistic Lazer Quest game. If casual blood spillage and flagrant breaches of health and safety precautions in a children’s activity/combat zone make you uneasy, please look away now.


Bido Lito Embeded Video

Amazingly, this new single is even more pulsating than the previous two. It is a growling exploration of the state of the world, where fake news and political spin mask whatever honesty remains. Although this track cannot put an end to this incessant barrage, it does offer you some brief respite. To be honest, the two-minute onslaught delivers a laser shot that doesn’t leave much room in your mind for any of external thoughts.

The angst-filled thump flicks a primitive switch, initiating unconscious movements before plunging into a punk-dance blend that is infectious, and somehow manages to convey the electric feel of their live shows. Complete with a head-twisting video and a single launch inside Area 51 Lazer Quest in Belle Vale, this single is one that needs no time to sink in; its effect is instantaneous.

Lazer Quest is out on 26th October on Society Of Losers Records (with a bonus track available at


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