Photography: Jamie Kolonic / @jamiekolo

“Break me a piece of your lung off, so I can hear you breathe.”

Proceedings don’t get any less brutal after this opening line of LENNIE DIES’ new single, Bits, with the ensuing two minutes and 54 seconds boiling up into a maelstrom of math-punk energy. It fizzes along like old school Biffy jousting with Drenge, and feels like it’s about to come bursting out of your speakers/headphones and lick you on the face. You can almost hear the sweat dripping off the band onto the floor of the studio as they lose themselves in the tumult; what you can definitely hear, though, is the sound of a trio throwing themselves head-first into the world of garagey angst they’ve whipped up around themselves.

Listen in here to the first airing of the single to find out for yourself.


Lennie Dies are notorious for their riotous live shows, which often see the band shedding layers of clothing as the set descends into a ferocious, sweaty wig-out. That the trio have managed to capture this energy on record is a sign of their growing maturity and flair. They’ve teamed up with Society Of Losers for this release, joining their impressive roster of noisemakers. This suitably surreal Halloween gift is available on all digital platforms from 30th October – and you can pre-save it now:

Go on, go and get yourself sweaty – you know you want to.



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