The water levels are rising, the seas are choking with plastic, the usual weather patterns we’ve grown accustomed to over generations are changing beyond recognition. And the world keeps turning.

Some people on this world seem not to care about these seismic changes to nature, brought about by reckless humanity. Few do. Even fewer people have ways of filtering this rage, uncertainty and distaste into a form of art that makes you feel the anxiety of humanity’s overbearing relationship with cosmological order.


FERAL WHEEL aren’t on a green crusade – they’re just a quartet of musicians who’ve seen a few winters between them. In the midst of their proggy, krauty, garagey slew, they pull out a world of taut oscillations that feel like they’ve been hewn from the landscape and pushed through a delay pedal. The group’s first line in the sand is Death To The Humans – and the accompanying video is a stunning stop motion sibling to the track’s swaggering garage boogie.

See the premiere of this fabulous video below – and read a short mantra of sorts from the band at the bottom. You’ll soon be crying out for them to take you back to the sea along with them.

Bido Lito Embeded Video

“Feral Wheel are less a group of individuals and more a single organism: one mind, eight hands. The bodies that once belonged to Huw Roberts, Sam Gill, Ste Rawlinson and Terry Green now form a more amorphous entity, unified by the pursuit of creating music of the outer edges of the pop music universe, drawing on psychedelia, garage, folk and kraut rock, propelled by a restless rhythm.

“Death To The Humans was recorded at Fresh Goods studio with the mercurial Matthew Freeman at the controls. It was mastered by Dean Honer at The Bowling Green. It’s part vision of an ocean-dwelling being rising from the waves to confront humankind and part mantra: water will rise. We hope it serves as an introduction to the world of Feral Wheel, a simultaneous hello and goodbye as we relinquish our human, land-dwelling status and return to the ocean to make music with our underwater kin. All are welcome to join us.”

The video was made by keyboardist and co-vocalist Sam, who pioneered his own stop-motion animation technique using an old printer-scanner to channel his vision of the inner and outer realms of Feral Wheel: from deep sea to deep space, a universe of mutations and evolutionary vibrations.

Bido Lito Liverpool Bido Lito Liverpool