Photography: Genevieve Baker

In a fizzy take on the live music video, experimental psych-prog trio, Barberos, have joined forces with ex Warp Films videographer and director Tommy Husband, and The Kazimier’s resident video artist and microscope experimentalist, Kromavision (Venya Krutikov).

The result is a series of three collaborative experimental psych-prog art films, the first of which premieres today on Bido Lito!

A visceral, eye-catching inflection on the live music video, Timur is the first of the series to be released and confidently demonstrates that the psychedelic theatricals can just as easily be translated onto the digital screen.

Recorded in December 2020 at the Invisible Wind Factory, all three videos use both green and blue screen techniques, with bespoke textures, effects and compelling animation overlaid to create a fitting audiovisual accompaniment to their complex anonymity.

Through Husband’s and Krutikov’s craft, the trio’s concept of anonymity takes new forms; not only are the three musicians dressed in all-in-one lycra, the superposition of psychedelic organic and digital textures removes them even further from their once human nature, giving way to the music, the visuals and the full experience in a way you’ve never been able to see Barberos.

Timur appears on Barberos’ self-titled 2016 album, with limited remaining vinyl copies on sale via bandcamp. The music videos for Concerto Reprise and I sometimes feel like paragliding will be released in January and February respectively.

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