The Bido Lito! Arts + Culture Podcast


The Bido Lito! Arts + Culture Podcast focuses on some of the more interesting stories that lurk just below the surface of Liverpool’s vibrant art, music and culture scene. Hosted by writer and critic Laura Brown and Bido Lito! Editor-at-Large Christopher Torpey, the show will use mini-features to unpick some narratives that maybe haven’t been widely heard, and offer some alternative viewpoints from invited guests.
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Latest Episode: Field Notes
It’s back! Laura Brown and Christopher Torpey present the first episode of a new season of the Bido Lito! Arts + Culture podcast. Kicking off a new series of new format pods, this episode pulls together stories and conversations around Liverpool on the theme of field notes. Andrew PM Hunt (aka Dialect) discusses his work on the Leftbank Soundtrack, Land Trance amongst other projects and Dig Vinyl’s Elliot Hutchinson talks about seeking out the weird and wonderful sounds that make up his record collection, DJ sets as well as his influences.

Published October 2021


The Bluecoat and Perestroika
We drop by The Bluecoat’s Sandon Room for a conversation with Jayne Casey and Bryan Biggs about the venerable building’s extensive archive, taking in Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War along the way. Read more about it here.

Published December 2018.

A Walk Through The City
Musician and songwriter Nick Ellis takes us on a psychogeographic walk through the city, focusing on places that have particular resonance with his music. Ellis shows us how oral histories and layers of stories and tied into the fabric of our surroundings, and how we often ignore them as we traverse the city. Read more about it here.

Published January 2019.

God Save The Florrie
On a day set aside to celebrating the work of sculptor Arthur Dooley, we visited Liverpool 8’s grand dame The Florrie to talk about its recent renaissance. Opened in 1889 as The Florence Institute For Boys, the grad II listed building on Mill Street is now a pillar of the Dingle’s resurgent community, providing classes, exhibitions and workshops for thousands of local residents and volunteers. Join us as we hear from the people behind The Florrie’s wide-ranging programme of activities, and find a building how community throbs through its very foundations. Read more about it here.

Published February 2019.

What’s In A Biennial?
On a blustery day in February 2020, we started Season 2 of our Arts + Culture podcast by taking a walk around the Baltic Triangle with the new Artistic Director of Liverpool Biennial, Fatoş Üstek. Given the important emotional and cultural ties a biennial has with its host city, we wanted to hear about Fatoş’s views on how the structure and feel of an large-scale, international event like Liverpool Biennial feeds off the existing identity and energy of the city’s art community. Read more about it here.

Published March 2020.

Inspecting Morse
You know that feeling when you discover a fictional world and it just feels like you’ve always known it? All the characters, plots and setting fit together perfectly, and immersing yourself in the world is like wearing your favourite jacket, one that you never tire of putting on. That’s what this episode – the second in Season 2 – is about, as Laura Brown talks to The Anfield Wrap’s Neil Atkinson about their shared love of the world of Inspector Morse: both the novels of Colin Dexter, and the TV world led, impeccably, by John Thaw as the grouchy, gothic, dogged Morse.. Read more about it here.

Published April 2020.

What Is Community Media?
For the third episode of Season 2, we speak with Dr Paddy Hoey – journalist, author and senior lecturer in Media, Film and Television at Edge Hill University – about the role that community media plays today. When the internet’s infinite realm of possibilities has caused our communities to become divergent and moved away from the mass public spheres we have long been accustomed to, what do we do with the long established pillars of journalism? And how to be ensure that we’re creating space for stories that all communities relate to? Read more about it here.

Published April 2020.

Bonus Episode: What Is Activism?
Following on from the community media podcast, we have an extra bonus episode for you! This is based on an earlier conversation Laura had with Dr Paddy Hoey, in 2019, about activism in the digital age, based around the book he’d just written about Irish republican media activism (Shinners, Dissos And Dissenters: Irish Republican Media Activism Since The Good Friday Agreement). We thought we’d release this conversation as a bonus addition to the previous podcast as a lot of similar subjects are covered here, but through the lens of media being used as an activist tool.

Published May 2020.

Digging The Archives #1
Lockdown may have prevented us from going to galleries and museums in person – but it hasn’t stopped us from accessing culture online. In a new series, Laura and Christopher pick out some forms of digital culture archives that have been keeping them entertained while remaining socially distanced. The first episode in this series features queer zine archive QZAP, and the University of Liverpool’s interactive Viking Age In The North West app. Read more about it here.

Published May 2020