Jess from indie pop wonderkids PEANESS selects some choice cuts that the band were listening to while recording their new EP Are You Sure? From Andy Shauf to Margaret Glaspy, have a listen to her selection below.

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The Shins – Name For You (Heartworms, 2017)

Pretty excited to see the return of The Shins this year. The opening track to the new record is just classic Chutes Too Narrow Shins and I love all the melodies and sounds James Mercer uses. I’ve given the record a play all the way through a couple times now and it’s definitely a grower.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The World Is Crowded (Multi-Love, 2017)

Can’t get enough of that snare snap. Mmmmhmm. I don’t get funky too often, but this tune is cool af.

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Andy Shauf – To You (The Party, 2016)

My favourite track on the album, though I’ll be honest I adore all of them! With almost all of his songs, he paints such a vivid picture with his lyrics, and this track makes me feel so sorry for the guy. I’m also in love with the clarinet on the whole record, and also how certain sections are just behind the beat which make such great grooves. I’ve probably listened to this album a hundred times since it came out. I caught him at The Shipping Forecast last year and there were about 20 people there, it was so special, so dry and so quiet.

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Lily and Madeleine – Hourglass (Keep It Together, 2016)

I discovered these two sisters whilst looking through the vinyl in HMV Chester. They had it playing in store and I stayed in the shop till the staff changed the album. So I had to buy it and take it home! I’m a sucker for good vocal harmonies, great melodies, and space. All three boxes get ticked with this track. And the snare is great too.

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Margaret Glaspy – Situation (Emotions and Math, 2016)

The second track of her debut album gives a big middle finger to assholes. I think she’s really cool, her guitar playing is especially stylish. I particularly enjoy the discordant main riff. This is a great song if I’ve had a bad day and need to put my head up and remind myself I’m a strong independent woman. (Shades emoji)

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Get Inuit – Teriyaki (2016)

While we were in talks with Alcopop! Records I checked out a bunch of the bands on their roster and fell in love Get Inuit straight away. The energy of this song puts a massive smile on my face, everything from the vocals to the guitar sounds. It’s 2:00 of pure pleasure and I think it’s about being a vegetarian or vegan and how people give him a “lecture on protein”, so just all round into this tune.

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Death Cab For Cutie – The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive (Kintsugi, 2016)

I love the production on this track, all the melodies and hooks on the guitar combined with high class vocal melodies and driving simple drum beats just makes for a great pop tune. Take note the whipping sound in the chorus! Can’t help but mime cracking a whip every time.

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Bruno Mars – Chunky (24k Magic, 2016)

Don’t even care, I’m into it. Driving beat, snappy snare, hand claps, girl-boy vocal response, cool synths, a totally sick synth run before the middle eight. Yeah, great.


Are You Sure? is out now via Alcopop Records. (Yes, we’re sure).

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