A compiled list of recommendations from Bido Lito! Spotlight artists March-July 2020.

The musician’s musician. Is there a way to qualify such an artist beyond a consensus of admirers among peers?

Each time we interview an artist for our Spotlight series we ask the question Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard? The answers can be illuminating. Sometimes giving further insight into the creative tick tock of the respondent’s brain. Other times, simply lifting a rock from atop an artist that could be our new favourite.

From that bizarre period March to July 2020, we interviewed over a dozen artists for the section and while there was little by way of consensus – Emilie Nicolas being the only repeated name – there was plenty by way of discovery. Here we’ve placed the recommendations into a playlist for you to enjoy. It’s an eccentric lot, suiting the diverse tastes of our music community, hopefully there’s something here you can take away, from these musicians’ musicians.

Love Ain’t Nothing but a Business Goin’ On – Junior Parker
“It just oozes raw soul. I’m all about that. Anything where the perfection is in the imperfection.” – Someperson

Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home – Malojian
Lucy Gaffney

Laugharne – Eugene Capper
“It’s a beautiful, dreamy, wild ride.” – Eitha Da

Hung Parliament – Sunglasses For Jaws
Bobby West

Mudiwa jennet – John Chibadura
“A great find for me has been John Chibadura who often collaborated with The Tembo Brothers – big names in the sungura and soukous scenes of Africa which I love and I am trying to learn more about. Beautifully sweet, guitar-led grooves which always gets me going.” – Real Terms

Oh Love – Emilie Nicolas
“She’s a moody, Norwegian R&B artist, and her voice, melodies, and production just always give me the chills, and I love basically everything that she does!” – Sola

Rob the Original – Haley Blais
“She has this addictive bedroom-pop discography that you can just fall in love with.” – Mary Hennessy

Sensitivity – Esme Bridie
“It’s so beautiful. Definitely listen to her.” – Sophie Bernice

People thought my windows were stars – deathcrash
“Their music is moody, yet fragile and is something that has really resonated with us.” – Flamingo House

Know by Heart – The American Analog Set
Lucy Gaffney

Swim (Ophelia) – Smallmouth
“Ella and Eve’s harmonies and ethereal voices are so beautiful. They are Liverpool-based and we love their electronic element.” – Rise Athena

Commit to Water – Mike Seed With The Language of Light
“One of the very few living musical geniuses I believe. Find anything you can from him (a quick search on Spotify will not suffice), there’s mountains of it and a lot of it is fairy disparate, but it’s pretty much all amazing and your efforts will be rewarded a hundred-fold.” – Stephen Kerrison

Magic Spells

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