This month, additions to our Hot Pink! playlist include indie-club grooves, world beating grime, shimmering pop and much more. We’re constantly adding to our mix of the best new sounds on Merseyside, but here is a selection of artists to remind you of the talent waiting in the wings for when live shows can happen again.

Michael Aldag

You can’t help but root for the ginger kid. Arrogance is MICHAEL ALDAG’s latest electronica anthem that delves into the unabashed confidence of youth with surprising self-awareness. Backed by waling synths and an unstoppable beat, it’s a track meant for a screaming crowd, which hopefully aren’t too far away. (LBE)


Mash Works

Warped piano samples introduce L8 rapper KOJ’s latest track. From there it’s Joseph Koja’s irresistible flow that doesn’t stop for the next two minutes solid. There’s boasts, threats and ambitions “smooth like clockwork”, accompanied by Recklaw Beats’ deep bass stabs from the halfway point to the breathless finale. 2021 is all Koj’s. (ST)

Electric Dream

Befitting the artist name, PIXEY’s music carries an unwavering ethereal energy. The singer-songwriter’s latest single on Chess Club Records, Electric Dream juxtaposes a thumping drumbeat with dreamy harmonies, all while the artist sings about the intricacies of love and her own carefree youth. What emerges is a track that feels all-encompassing and has a certain magic weaved into it. (LBE)



It’s been worth the wait for TEE to introduce himself properly. Leading on from last summer’s cover feature, the multi-instrumentalist, spoken word artist and rapper has now released the first track from his highly anticipated EP. Real is a definitive statement of intent and fast-paced highlight reel of his full repertoire of abilities. Lulling you in with a soft, moonlit croon, the track explodes into life and TEE shows off his deft touch for wordplay and impassioned lyricism. An artist fully realising the height of their powers. (ER)

Million $ Man

The Southport ensemble’s latest track mixes nostalgia and sobering themes. Using a mixture of folk and indie elements, the song contrasts a charming backing with a frank discussion of facing a long-lasting disability, to create a track that is compellingly intricate. It’s a single, released via Nine x Nine Records, that necessitates multiple listens and holds promise for the group’s upcoming album. (LBE)

Furry Hug
People Skills

You can’t help but smile when listening to People Skills. This latest single by FURRY HUG brings with it a charming awkwardness as he chats away about his limited ability to interact with others, joyously laced with retro synths and guitars reminiscent of Talking Heads. If this is the energy he is bringing with his upcoming EP, we’re in for a treat. (LBE)

The Let Go
City of Angels

This exciting transatlantic duo bring a slice of nocturnal LA with this track. The drum machine and shimmering guitar melody is evocative of neon signs reflecting on windscreens and songwriters on the move, listening to Haim and looking for a new adventure. Moving from Washington DC to Merseyside, we hope THE LET GO find what they’re looking for in our city. (ST)

Jessica Luise
Nice Try

There’s a vulnerability to this joyous synth-laden track which gives it a cathartic edge, and makes you want to hear more from the Warrington singer-songwriter. The driving War On Drugs tempo propels a track that is clearly written to exorcise romantic demons, while delivering a bright and beautiful guitar line to uplift the most locked down souls. (ST)

Reaching Out (For A Friend)

The Liverpool-via-London producer’s latest effort is reminiscent of early Caribou with its rustic blend of clean instrumentation and electronic tinged dancefloor grooves. While the sonic arrangement harks back to Dan Snaith-style production circa 2007, its subject matter is much closer to 2021. Produced back in April 2020, the single was borne out of a longing for human connection and shared experience, a sensation that has been forcefully cut off since the onset of the pandemic. Subtly building over the course of seven minutes, Reaching Out is beautifully cut of bottled energy that gradually releases to only heighten the longing to hear it spinning in a club under the disco ball. (ER)

Cola Museum
Late Night Dreams (ft Dayzy)

If Late Night Dreams was a time of day, it would be 3am, with no thoughts of rest. Produced by the enigmatic COLA MUSEUM, it feels wonderfully intimate, made so by the smooth guitar backing and light percussion, with DAYZY’s uber-chilled-out flow adding to the charming elixir. It’s a song that makes you feel like the rest of the world is asleep, and only you remain awake, bathing in the music. (LBE)

Scousematic 3

AYSTAR is one of the forebears of Liverpool’s now thriving rap and grime scene. But even with the stature as one of the scene’s foundation stones, it hasn’t stopped him pulling up roots in the contemporary era with one of the most recognisable flows in the game. The third instalment of his mixtape series sees him reassert his dominance, offering up his biggest collection of tracks to date. Even with heavy hitters like Giggs featuring, the Scouse emcee’s poise and finesse remains the central draw and is sharp as ever. (ER)


Words: Lily Blakeney-Edwards, Sam Turner, Elliot Ryder

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