Our HOT PINK! playlist is the place to find the newest, brightest and hottest music from across Merseyside. Featuring the newest drops from local artists, the mix is updated regularly with a multitude of bangers from an array of genres, guaranteed to pique your interest and please your ear drums. It’s the perfect digest to keep you briefed on the best sounds currently coming out of Merseyside.

Issue 109 new additions…

Ragz Nordset
Don’t You Forget (Drumwarp & Guevarism Psychedub)
The Nordic singer-songwriter continues a triumphant return with some delectable mixes of her single out on Mellowtone Records. This bassy reimagining, from a duo melded from the Super Weird Substance and Keep It Cryptic stables, explodes the tune wide open to find trippy Eastern scales which suck the listener into its dubby vortex. ST

Feral Wheel
The Dolphin Way
The second slice of FERAL WHEEL is a loungey throwback to Echo & the Bunnymen and arrives with its own Python-esque animated video. More expansive than their previous track Death To The Humans, The Dolphin Way builds upon the sonic landscape of that track and calls back to classic Scouse New Wave. NG

Bye Louis
Between The Hedges (Steve Amadeo Remix)
Here we have the first fruits of BYE LOUIS’ egalitarian experiment of throwing the stems of his Same Boy record out into the ether and inviting reworkings. Producer STEVE AMADEO’s addition of sumptuous strings gives the song pronounced emotional heft while retaining the intimacy of the original. Gone is the lo-fi feel of the original and in its place a more expansive, dramatic atmosphere. ST

Niki Kand
It Ain’t Cool
NIKI KAND seemingly arrived fully formed. We last spoke to her at the back end of 2018, when the Iranian-born singer waxed lyrical about her development as an artist and feeling comfortable in her own creative skin. It Ain’t Cool feels about as natural as is possible – yearning, dusty soul that recollects the wonder of Mary J Blige. As is the way at the moment, the next time we’ll be able to see her live isn’t until February 2021, when she’s set to join All We Are at Arts Club. Should be a good one, that. NG

Ian Skelly
Wake The World
Silver Song Records
A highlight from The Coral drummer’s new album Drifters Skyline, this is noisier than much of the record and steps further from the template you’d perhaps expect from a member of one of the country’s most distinctive acts, with a fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll strut punctuated by Skelly’s languid vocal. The rest of the record walks a satisfyingly hazy path between countryfied rock and softer Americana. A discreet gem. NG

Dan Croll
Hit Your Limit
Communion Records
Adopted Scouser DAN CROLL returns with a summery LP packed with pop hammers. The title track continues to pay Croll’s career-long respects to King of American Pastoral Paul Simon in the vocal style, but with additional synthy groove vehicle which sets the tone for another well-crafted collection of tunes. “Everyone succumbs / Everyone’s got their point / Everybody bends and breaks” Croll coos on Hit Your Limit. I think we all shared this sentiment at some point during the isolation marathon just endured. ST

Campfire Social
Awake In The Wake Of A Wave
Mai 68
Deacon Blue aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time but as the concept of the guilty pleasure has all but been assigned to the history bin with CD giveaways and alcopops, maybe time’s ripe for a reappraisal of the Glaswegian soft rockers. CAMPFIRE SOCIAL seem to be setting out such a campaign with this single. The satisfying build from sustained keys and skeletal guitar to beat-driven boogie and anthemic chorus is fitting for arms-round-shoulders set closer glory once we’re seeing live music again. Then the Deacon Blue debate can begin. ST

Georgie Weston
Around My Room
Lush harmonies aplenty, forlorn vocals, and a driving beat make for a fabulous sophomore single from GEORGIE WESTON. The addition of sax is always welcome in these parts, and it’s used with tempered expertise towards the end of this pop nugget. ST

Words: Nik Glover and Sam Turner

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