We know what it’s like, navigating the vast world of music discovery on streaming services can be a scary process. Don’t let it get you down. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the musical wilderness and into the realm of new music discovery. The best part is? We’re keepin’ it local!

Get ahead of the curve with HOT PINK!, our brand new playlist for tabbing tomorrow’s hits. While playing homage to Liverpool’s creative culture, Hot Pink! has one finger on the pulse of bedroom bop and another behind the glass of the recording studio, offering a broad and comprehensive snapshot of the wide range of genres erupting out of Merseyside.

24th July new additions…

Tokky Horror – Girlracer
Sounding like a joy ride on too many bad energy drinks, Girlracer is the debut drop from the project of Queen Zee’s Zee Davine. Owing much to peak Prodigy, the track is a short sharp D&B waltzer ride of giddiness and an exciting introduction to a trio that we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on. (ST)

God Colony – Cult
Liverpool expats GOD COLONY have been behind some of the most striking avant-garde productions to come out of the UK in recent years. Never sparing on detail and texture, the duo has offered a left-leaning take on bass music and club culture through countless collaborations, with the freshest talent never seemingly far away from pitching in on vocal duties. Their debut self-released LP, Cult, is a far-reaching sonic excavation of pop culture and layered, thought-provoking soundscapes delivered with a signature urgency and panache. (ER)

Mary Hennessy – As The Light Goes Down
Atmospheric confessions emerge through MARY HENNESSY’s dreamy indie-folk offering As The Light Goes Down. Utilising sounds of nature, Hennessy bowerbirds objects around her to create a refreshingly pure piece of work which displays her musical influences delightfully. This Is It, a highlight on the album includes decorative textures, birds chirping and the soft glow of Hennessy’s audible aura. (BW)

Ry Vieira – Gotta Feelin’
Beach Skulls guitarist RY VIEIRA is back with some surf croon so laid back it could limbo under a coffee table. Waves of lethargic harmonies caress the shores of hazy guitar riffs and picks to paint a picture of a holiday romance in the distances of time and memory. Widnes’s sun-blushed Mac Demarco anyone? (ST)

Eyesore & The Jinx – Dinner, In The Exile Parlour
Eyesore’s first EP has been a long time coming, but we can let them off given the current situation. And because their ditties about society’s seedy underbelly provide plenty of titillations as you sink deeper into their murky depths. The Exile Parlour EP is fronted by two familiar anthems (Leisure Time and Nightlife) and joined by two new tracks. Dinner, In The Exile Parlour extends the surreally pleasurable trip into Eyesore’s world — psychobilly shuffle, Josh Miller’s strained grumbling about “sordid images”, cow bell — with an apt refrain that “isolation was all the rage”. Never has anger and frustration been so danceable. ENJOY YOURSELVES. HUH! (CT)

Molly Green – Naked
Drawing on the techniques of the soul jazz greats, MOLLY GREEN refashions the genre with her own unique flair. The Naked EP is an acoustic dream, pleasant in its production while touching on nostalgic elements from year’s gone, showcasing Green’s natural talent. The proof is in the pudding with this stripped-down collection of tracks, showing that sometimes less really is more. (BW)

Words: Elliot Ryder, Brit Williams, Christopher Torpey, Sam Turner

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