We know what it’s like, navigating the vast world of music discovery on streaming services can be a scary process. Don’t let it get you down. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the musical wilderness and into the realm of new music discovery. The best part is? We’re keepin’ it local!

Get ahead of the curve with HOT PINK!, our brand-new playlist for tabbing tomorrow’s hits. While playing homage to Liverpool’s creative culture, hot pink! has one finger on the pulse of bedroom bop and another behind the glass of the recording studio, offering a broad and comprehensive snapshot of the wide range of genres erupting out of Merseyside.

15th May new additions…

Courting – David Byrne’s Badside
It’s a mystery as to whether the musical brain of the Talking Heads does indeed have a bad side. COURTING do very little to shed light on the answer in their follow up to Football, a song which lays its questioning much closer to home than Byrne’s muse of the Big Apple. Kicking their cowbell down the road they pull a stool at your copy-and-paste local and weigh in on everything from casual racism to football shirts tucked into trackies. Stay for the sax solo, leave tipsy on British exceptionalism. (ER)

Land Trance – Regulate
The opening movement from First Seance – a brand new LP from Ben Duvall (Ex-Easter Island Head) and Andrew PM Hunt (Dialect) – is a great indicator of the moody, earthy electronics at play across the remaining seven tracks. The LP is released on Forest Swords’ imprint Dense Truth, which is apt given the textural shadow dancing going on. Haunting yet soothing. (CT)

Aimée Steven – Darling
The new track from rising guitar queen AIMÉE STEVEN is a rabble-rousing, twangy blast from the past. Edgy guitars compliment her Scouse-infused melodies while leaving plenty of devil in the details through her incensing lyricism. Serving as the perfect follow-up to her last single Hell Is A Teenage Girl, Aimée’s got me hooked on the anticipation for what magic she releases next. (BW)

Ali Horn – The Waves
The latest effort by ALI HORN should be the feel-good hit of the summer. Whirling organ, echoey anthemic chorus, and unabashed sentiment about ripped blue jeans, feeling 17 and grabbing your board – it’s all here. In an ideal world this would be blurring from your car stereo with the windows down as you take to the coast with your besties. While this may not be possible in the here and now, we can still enjoy this air punch slice of Tom Petty-esque Americana and think of summers past – or better yet, those to come. (ST)

Bobby West – As The Morning Crept In
Drawing from the pine tree lament of Timber Timbre and unhinged potential of Dirty Beaches, BOBBY WEST’s second musical offering sashays beneath heavy moonlight with a midnight hour accompaniment of light keys and comforting sax. Heavy on charm and foreboding melancholy, this one is a good fit for the late night lone-rangers out there. (ER)

Words: Elliot Ryder, Christopher Torpey, Brit Williams, Sam Turner

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