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If you like your beats spicy and full of groove, you’ve come to the right place. Globe-spanning trio OYA PAYA return with a treat of a tune that takes you on a hallucinogenic trip through their living room high-jinx. The insanely catchy Trip Advisor bends itself around your brain, with its zoned-out guitars and loping drums coming across like a particularly spaced Gorillaz offcut.

Get your fill of the tune now, and read what the band had to say about it below. The song is also available to download for free, so you can keep it and cherish it. Why not tell your mates about it? Or even write a review of it on Trip Advisor?

So, you love Trip Advisor then? Are you fans of other reviews-based recommendations databases?

It’s the one and only. Are there any others that even come close? In Singapore there’s one called Hungry Go Where that’ll sort you out with all the hidden food gems around the city. We’d highly recommend it if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

The song is about losing your mind on a journey through crashing waves of existential dread – which is the number one recommended activity on Trip Advisor for a lot of places.

If you had to describe the song in a sentence how would you do it?

It would be, ‘Oya Paya places hidden satanic message in new song!’ Just so that people would listen to it over and over again to try and find it.

Do you think you’re developing a certain sound that defines Oya Paya?

We’ve definitely surprised ourselves a little bit with this one. None of our tunes have ever begun with the intent of achieving a certain sound. At the end of the day, the people who enjoy the music are the ones who decide on how to define what we do. We’ll just keep making things up as we go and hopefully it will all make sense when it’s all pieced together.

Can you recommend two artists that Bido Lito! readers may not have heard before?

A good buddy of ours puts out mega beats on Soundcloud under the name ‘pal.’ – Check him out! He’s one talented dude. Also, Bruce Willis had a solo project in the 80s and it’s all on Spotify. In particular we’d recommend the song ‘Secret Agent Man / James Bond Is Back’. Yes, it’s an actual song.


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