Affectionately referred to as the Oblong Of Dreams by Half Man Half Biscuit and their fans, Wirral has an enviable music heritage and an unrelenting capacity to produce nationally and internationally significant artists (The Coral, Forest Swords, OMD, HMHB themselves). Yet, at present, the borough doesn’t have a single live venue dedicated to new music, and there’s very little infrastructure to support the local music community.

WIRRAL NEW MUSIC COLLECTIVE is a first step to change this. The collective is an independent group of record labels, music writers, promoters, visual artists, artist managers, magazine publishers and musicians who believe in music’s power to shape a new future for Wirral. The informal group of music professionals first met during the Beautiful Ideas Festival in Birkenhead in 2017, with the idea of instigating more music-based activity in the region.

In order to do this, Wirral New Music Collective have set up a Live Music Innovation Fund, with help from The Beautiful Ideas Company and supported by Wirral Borough Council. The fund will provide a series of £500 grants for local musicians, promoters or music lovers – anyone with a great idea – to put on an innovative live gig in Wirral this summer. The focus is on the ambitious and the interesting. The collective is calling on people with outlandish, fantastic ideas to put forward proposals for shows which will show off the potential of Wirral musicians and spaces.

The scope of events that the Live Music Innovation Fund is looking to support is only limited by your imagination. Successful proposals will not only receive £500, but successful applicants will be invited to a regular monthly meet-up and will receive the support of the Wirral New Music Collective to help realise their project. All proposals should adhere to the following criteria:

  • The show needs to feature at least 50% Wirral artists on the bill
  • The show needs to take place in Wirral. Applications for shows across Wirral are encouraged, but there is a particular emphasis on shows taking place in Birkenhead.
  • If the show breaks even, WNMC asks that a percentage of the profits go back into the pot so that they can go on commissioning more live shows in the future.

The application process is open now, running until 6th April 2018. To make your application, all you need to do is fill out a short form on the Wirral New Music Collective website:

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