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Since Covid-19 took hold and has continued to squeeze our beloved music and culture community, Bido Lito! has been working hard to do what we always do: celebrate creativity, bring you inspirational stories and look forward. However, as we get deeper into this crisis, we’ve realised how much we need your help.

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Bido Lito! is largely made possible by the support of our advertisers; venues, galleries, festivals, promoters, all of whom have been hit hard by the necessary social distancing measures. Unfortunately, there won’t be a time soon when the majority can get back to their full operations. We of course want to continue to support them as much as we can. This is an incredibly testing time for everyone.

Our intention is to start printing our physical magazine as soon as we can deliver it to our network of stockists and live music whirls back into action. We want to circulate our pink pages to those who want to read about Liverpool’s amazing new music and creative culture as soon as possible. But this is looking tough.


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"By becoming a Bido Lito! Member you will be directly contributing to our future existence"

We need the help of those who love and appreciate what Bido Lito! is. The people who pick up our monthly magazine, read our website, listen to our podcast and go to our events. By becoming a Bido Lito! Member you will be directly contributing to our future existence.

For £7 a month (less than half a coffee a week!) you can become a Bido Lito! Member and aid our survival. You’ll receive a one-off, limited edition Bido Lito! Lockdown Zine, the members’ exclusive weekly mailer and once we are back in print, the magazine to your door every month. On top of this you get a Bido branded tote bag, the end of year Journal, free access to our events and exclusive content.

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“Doing Bido Lito! has been a complete blast! We’ve had so much fun since we started the mag 10 years ago, and it’s genuinely been a pleasure meeting the hundreds of people who make the whole music and arts and culture world tick. There are so many unsung heroes that people don’t see, and they’re just as passionate about what they do as the people who crowd surf at gigs, gather on The Strand to watch giants walk by, or wander round the World Museum on a Saturday with kids in tow. The first decade has seen Bido document some amazing things – and we know that the next decade will be just the same. We really want to get stuck into it!

We know that times are difficult for everyone right now. Virtually every part of our society is creaking under the pressures that the coronavirus pandemic has brought. While we prepare, with caution, for the easing of these restrictions, we think that it’s prudent to start looking to what kind of world we’d like in the ‘new normal’ of the future, and what we’d like to save. We want to be part of whatever that future is, cos we’re far from finished! Hopefully you agree and you’d like to see Bido Lito! as a key part of Liverpool’s cultural future: noisy, colourful, supporting the underdog and championing those heroes in our community who do amazing work that largely goes unseen. If you’re able to, we’d love it if you could show us that support by becoming a member.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than issuing our monthly love letters to the city. And we think you enjoy that too. See you on the other side!”

Christopher Torpey (Founding Editor)


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