Photography: Brit Williams / @therealbritjean

Remember lockdown?? The lack of loo roll, the heroism of Colonel Tom, shit quizzes – it’s been a wild ride. Bido Lito! was there every step of the way catching up with the makers and doers of Liverpool’s creative culture. Across the three months we populated our website weekly in lieu of a working printing press and stockists to house the pink pages.

As well as this we received a rousing mobilisation of support from our growing membership community. While it’s not been easy we were buoyed by the confidence our new subscribers placed in us and we’ll be forever grateful.

With these factors in mind we pledged to print a special edition zine which brought together the most pertinent lockdown stories. And now, that publication is here. Welcome back ink … we’ve missed you.


In the limited edition mag you’ll find how lockdown caused writers and photographers to look at the streets of Liverpool in a new light, how we rediscovered the importance of trusted voices on our airwaves, the disingenuous worship of newly minted key workers and the thoughts and reflections of a variety of creative types near and far. There’s a lot packed in!

We have a very small batch of lockdown zines still available and we still implore anyone who values the role Bido Lito! plays in the cultural eco-system to sign up as a member in order to support and receive a zine while stocks last. They’ll be gone by Friday 10th July at the latest.

Sign up to a membership now to get a copy of the Lockdown Zine plus a Tote Bag joining gift.

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