If you’re going to see QUEEN ZEE AND THE SASSTONES at EBGBS on 3rd November or heading to BLICK BASSY at the Phil on 25th November, there’s only one place to go to pre-gig. We’ve put together the perfect playlists for the build-up to both shows, featuring the artists, their influences and their contemporaries. AMERICAN PIZZA SLICE will not only be playing these mixes, but they’ll also be offering 2-4-1 pizza slices to ticket holders for each show. Queen Zee and the Sasstones play a headline gig as part of the DIY Breaking Out series at Liverpool Music Week after a whirlwind year for the glam punk outfit, while Blick Bassy brings his Afro-folk-blues mash-up to the Philharmonic Hall, as part of Africa Oyé’s 25th anniversary celebrations in collaboration with Mellowtone. Head along to American Pizza Slice from 6pm on the evening of each gig for the perfect pizza-filled warm up to your evening.

Queen Zee and the Sasstones play EBGBS on 3rd November as part of Liverpool Music Week’s Breaking Out Series.

Blick Bassy plays the Philharmonic Hall on 25th November. 

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