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If you’re checking out THE VRYLL SOCIETY’s show at The Magnet this Friday along with Strange Collective, The Floormen and Peach Fuzz, there’s only one place to go pre-gig. Bido Lito! have put together the perfect playlist for the build-up to the gig featuring the kaleidoscopic fivepiece, their contemporaries and their influences. AMERICAN PIZZA SLICE will not only be playing these mixes, they’ll also be offering 2-4-1 pizza slices to ticket holders for the gig. Just down the road from The Magnet, head along from 6pm on Friday evening for the perfect pre-gig pizza party.

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The Vryll Society play The Magnet on Friday 25th August with Strange Collective, The Floormen and Peach Fuzz. Tickets are available here.

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