Music Cities Events and Sound Diplomacy have launched a combined initiative which aims to aid music scenes across the world through mutual support and guidance.

As the music industry across the world is taking its first steps into the light of a post lockdown world, it will be imperative for organisations and artists as well as cities and wider authorities to work together. In the political sphere it’s become painfully obvious how counterproductive isolationism is to any measures which aim to guard against or recover from coronavirus. This is something the live music sector can learn from.

With this in mind, organisations Music Cities Events and Sound Diplomacy have launched Music Cities Community, an initiative which aims to aid best practice and learning across the globe. Professionals in the industry are given the opportunity to network, benefit from resources and gain valuable advice from a range of experts and experiences as part of the subscription service.

Liverpool has gained much from both Music Cities Events and Sound Diplomacy in recent years as the city has looked to take advantage of its UNESCO Music City status and Liverpool City Region went about establishing a new music board. MCE hosted their Music Tourism Convention here in both 2017 and 2019, seeing the importance of music to Liverpool’s tourism offer. Earlier this year Bido Lito! founding editor Craig G Pennington also chaired their Sound Development event in Liverpool, an innovative conference which facilitates conversation between the music industry and real estate sector.

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The Music Cities Community is a bid to enable individuals and organisations across the world to come together more easily to navigate what is a hugely challenging time for the sector. A key aim is to ensure the value of music in towns and cities is utilised to the maximum benefit of everyone involved – a target which is especially prescient as threats to live music infrastructure are emerging daily.

A member of the community is granted access to a directory of all fellow members and a forum; curated one-on-one mentoring sessions; webinars and online events, plus videos of conferences, discussions and events and discounted admission to future MCE events in-person.

On a local level there is a lot of work being done to safeguard Liverpool’s music future. The LCR Music Board recently rolled out a support fund for artists and organisations while institutions like FACT and METAL are providing support, funding and creative opportunities at a time when many are struggling to navigate a seemingly interminable period of precarity. Bido Lito! will also be commencing a research project which looks to gauge the impact of lockdown on the LCR music scene and make sense of the local industry’s feelings about the future.

“Now more than ever we need to be together and help each other overcome, grow and thrive,” said Music Cities Events CEO Luke Jones. “We’re launching the Music Cities Community now in the hope that it can provide a single platform for all professionals around the world focused on the use of music in creating more value in towns and cities.

“The Community will bring together the latest best practice, thinking and ideas around navigating through the pandemic to be ready to thrive coming out of it, and this will be the case for musicians, music businesses, governments, city planners, night-time advocates, tourism organisations, property developers, non-profits and all in-between.”

Subscription to the Music Cities Community is free for the first month with fees kept to a minimum thereafter. A quarter of the revenue generated by the scheme up to the end of 2020 will be donated to organisations which support struggling musicians and small music businesses. It is free to musicians for three months initially.

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