Photography: Carmen Zografu

Bringing music, art, performance and theatre together; LIVERPOOL ARAB ARTS FESTIVAL has announced the first wave of events for Shadow And Light themed 2019 edition. LAAF is the UK’s largest annual Arab arts festival, launching Friday 5th July, following through to Sunday 14th.

Premiering with JULIANNA YAZBECK’s debut album, SUNGOD, at Royal Court Studio, this years programme is a treasure trove of events representing a broad spectrum of arts, geography and themes. The LAAF performance will be the first time Yazbeck has performed her album live in the UK in a coup for the festival.

Across nine days LAAF will feature performances from artists and exhibitions including the Shadow and Light exhibition at Northern Lights inspired by BEAU BEAUSOLEIL.  A tribute to Palestinian singer and activist Rim Banna will feature an array of Arab performers including Tania Saleh, Faraj Suleiman, Bu Kolthoum and Sabrine Jenhani.

Shadow and Light is a collaborative project honouring the lives of more than 400 academics killed in targeted assassinations between 2003 – 2012. Elsewhere on the programme They Write Shadow Into The Light brings together a trio of spoken word artists including Yemeni-scouse poet AMINA ATIQ and LAAF artist-in-residence DANA DAJANI. Dajani will also perform at Find Your Voice, a spoken word event at the Bluecoat on 9th July.

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