A boycott of clubs in and around Liverpool is being planned for the 26th October as part of a nationwide campaign organised by the Girls Night In campaign. The night will see a mass refusal to attend clubs in and around Liverpool, in response to the recent rise of spiking allegations reported across the UK.

The nationwide allegations have a particularly high concentration in Liverpool, with many of the attacks in the city allegedly taking place around the Concert Square area. Several women have reported both getting their drinks spiked and injected with unknown substances while on nights out.

In response to these reports, the anti-spiking campaign group, Girls Night In, have organised a string of club boycotts that will take place nationwide from the 25th October through 3rd November. In an official statement released via their Instagram, the Liverpool branch of the campaign stated that the boycott goal is to “stand against the rise in spikings and to ensure that it is taken seriously”, adding “this isn’t just for the girls, we want everyone involved to make the biggest impact possible.”

Alongside the boycott, a nationwide petition to make it a legal requirement to thoroughly search nightclub guests has gained over 160,00 signatures. The surpassing of the 100,000 signature goal will mean the issue will be considered for debate in parliament, as well as receiving an official government response.

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