The Kazimier 31/12/14

Deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve is often a contentious issue: going out, staying in, midnight kisses and resolutions… all that nonsense equals too many decisions to make, right? Wrong, because like an upmarket musical travel agent, STEALING SHEEP have made those hard decisions easy for you and it comes in the form of Mythopoeia II, the second instalment of the group’s wonderfully creative psychedelic club night. The theme this year is Galaxies and Tapestries and, as people start to filter into The Kazimier, it is still pretty hard to really understand what that truly entails. Fairy lights are draped around heads, glitter hangs in the air like morning fog and face paint drips into sweat as the night and music begin.

What’s brilliant about The Kazimier is its scope for variety. With its nooks and crannies aplenty it is perfect for an event like this. Before midnight the small stages inside and outside the venue awaken. ENGINE DJs bring the Garden’s Rat Alley to life and Leeds-based afrobeat outfit AZORES pave the way for a fantastic evening in the club’s main space. Without time for us to catch a breath and with only just enough time to get another pint in, the party hosts Stealing Sheep take to the stage blasting through their new album. Their music is perfectly placed in the surreal, colourful and vibrant surroundings and the tracks they play are tighter and much more mature than anything heard from them previously. The crowd check their watches as the set leads into the main event: Mythopoeia.



Mythopoeia is a creation of fictional mythology and tonight in The Kazimier we are truly engrossed and submerged into the narrative of the evening. Planets hover overhead and painted bodies dance across the stage as music blasts out into the sea of limbs. The Mythopoeia show takes us by the hand and guides us through time and space before seamlessly moving into an obligatory countdown as the night and the year evolve into something very special. Whilst hugs and kisses die down, the music continues to thrive with Liverpool’s very own BARBEROS providing a wall of sound that truly welcomes The Kazimier into 2015.

Tonight’s festivities show that Liverpool needs The Kazimier. With rumblings of the venues closure staying firmly in 2014, Stealing Sheep and The Kazimier have moved forward, providing an evening of sheer psychedelic delight. As the houselights come up at four in the morning, smudged faces smile and lipsticked mouths holler out for more. Stealing Sheep and friends have created a legendary narrative that will live on. This evening is living proof that there is nowhere better in Liverpool to welcome in the New Year.

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