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It’s been a strange summer, one of distancing and new normals. For the past four months we’ve had the pleasure of hosting weekly live mixes for you, blasts of audio familiarity that, hopefully, were beacons of light for you during your lockdown. We’ve hosted 19 mixes for you in this time, in partnership with Melodic Distraction Radio, each one a slice of Africa Oyé delivered direct to your ears. Recorded live at Africa Oyé in 2019, each mix formed part of a series of DJ sessions from the Trenchtown and Freetown stages, where the sounds of Afro-centric music are pumped out non-stop to keep the groove riding high in Sefton Park.

This mix is to be our final one in the series, rounding off a summer soundtracked by that trademark Oyé vibe. There’s nothing that says summer in Liverpool like an Oyé-soundtracked afternoon in the park. We hope that these mixes have helped you traverse a difficult period, even if that is in some small way.

It seems fitting that we round off this series with NO FAKIN’, taken from their Sunday afternoon set on the Freetown stage last year. Through hip hop, funk, soul, disco, reggae and more, No Fakin’ DJs flip the classic and obscure into a mix that’s guaranteed to get the party started right. The No Fakin’ crew know their way around the decks, so it’s no surprise that this set is as smooth as the summer breeze, taking in jazzy detours and Braziliana tangents. What a way to round the Oyé Vibe series off!


Listen back to all of the mixes in this series below. They’ll transport you to the middle of Sefton Park with the sun beating down on you, with that famous Oyé vibe all around you. Turn them up nice and high and you’ll practically be able to feel Africa Oyé.



Mix 1 – Emily Dust // Mix 2 – Dharma Collective + Dash // Mix 3 – Giovanna // Mix 4 – Thom White // Mix 5 – DJ Scratchy // Mix 6 – Keith Marley // Mix 7 – DJ Holmesy // Mix 8 – Jess Gascoigne // Mix 9 – Hustle & Zacharia Soul // Mix 10 – Richie Vegas // Mix 11 – Subcora // Mix 12 – Melodic Distraction // Mix 13 – Positive Vibration // Mix 14 – Stuart B // Mix 15 – One A Penny // Mix 16 – Firehouse // Mix 17 – Bood ‘N Bone // Mix 18 – Funkdub // Mix 19 – Elliot Hutchinson

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