Photography: Mark McNulty / Photography: Marty Saleh / @martysaleh

We’re continuing to brighten up your non-normal weekends by delivering a slice of Africa Oyé direct to your ears, in partnership with Melodic Distraction Radio. For the past 10 weeks we’ve had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive weekly live mix for you, a dose of that trademark Oyé vibe. We’ll continue to bring you these mixes over the summer, as there’s nothing that feels quite like an Oyé-soundtracked afternoon in the park. Recorded at Africa Oyé 2019, each mix is part of a series of DJ sessions from the Trenchtown and Freetown stages, where the sounds of Afro-centric music are pumped out non-stop to keep the groove riding high in Sefton Park.

Our latest mix is the 11th in this series, housey, deep and tribal. SUBCORA rounded things off at the Freetown stage on the Saturday of Oyé 2019, with a set spanning the house music spectrum, blending sounds of different cultures and times. An academic by day and DJ by night, Subcora is a passionate music alchemist originally from Istanbul and currently based in Liverpool. After years of being involved in music through different roles (a singer and music writer), she is now mostly focusing on DJing and creating online podcasts. She is keen on playing melodic and instrumentally rich songs from different genres of house.

With the sun beating down, Subcora will help you recreate the Oyé vibe in your own house or garden!


Imagine you’re stood in Sefton Park right now, with the sun beating down on you, and that famous Oyé vibe all around. Turn this mix up nice and high and you’ll practically be able to feel it.



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