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Bido Lito! Social Live @ Aloft 20/8/15

Inside a Downton-meets-Star Trek wood-panelled room with futuristic halo lights hanging from the ceiling, people recline in beanbags, hotel staff mill around and HAZY HEAD’s bassist politely asks the sound guy if they can play. One guitar, one bass, one drum kit makes for a classic garage set-up. Their music is a mix of shoegaze, Hank Marvin guitar and, oddly, Julee Cruise. Each song sounds intended for a long-lost David Lynch movie, as a dreamy slow pace is set as the guitar play practically crashes against the shore. The set culminates with a cover of Galaxie 500’s Tugboat, as Hazy Head wear their influences on their collective sleeve. Admittedly they have a couple of cock-ups, but you can see these guys know what they’re doing and lo-fi is on the way up.

CAVALIER SONG are next to take to the carpeted floor. A more disparate group this time, but as with all great experimental bands they’re brought together by the music. Joined by local performance artist Mark Greenwood and his poetry, they subject us to a diverse set of noisy assaults and slow-burning spoken-word pieces. The bass suddenly breaks during the first track and I notice that the hi-hat is also cracked, intentionally, I hope. Greenwood’s lyrics match the sinister dread the band oozes perfectly, weaving a fantastical tapestry of people, nature and their darker halves.

MARVIN POWELLL’s love of music is further apparent (he’s been sat enthusiastically watching all the supports) as he sings and jigs along with the folk strains trickling from the sound system. Suddenly the room fills with family, friends and fans. I overhear his mother chatter excitedly about him practising at home and his Bido feature article. He’s a local lad and there’s a lot of the love in the room for the troubadour. Marvin begins suddenly, the crowd silenced by his guitar, and anticipation seeps in. His voice takes on a Celtic quality, the music is folk through and through. His band soon join him, and the tempo is kicked up a notch. As the closing song ends his fans, old and new, call for more and we’re treated to one final solo piece. Local talent is clearly in rude health.

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