To celebrate the release of his debut EP Salt, we bring you an exclusive from the world of MARVIN POWELL. Watch the video for the lead single Salt, a beautiful but haunting track imbued with intricate guitar lines and delicate vocals, from the latest signing to movers and shakers Skeleton Key Records. What’s more, he’ll be heading out on tour later this month in support of labelmates She Drew The Gun, including a date in the chambers of Liverpool Central Library.


Bido Lito Embeded Video

What would you say is the overriding emotion on the EP?

There’s a definite spiritual side to it with Salt and Buried. The other two songs are observational and reflective of what was happening at the time. China Town compares the changing face of Liverpool to how I felt as a person at the time and Song for the Reaper is about the song writing process, how you write a song and it’s given away, and in turn you give up something of yourself yet someone will gain from it.

Were you listening to any artists in particular when writing the songs for it? Is their influence tangible on the record?

I couldn’t recall I wrote them so long ago now it feels like an age has past.

Even ahead of releasing your debut EP, you’ve received airplay on both BBC Radio 1 and 6Music – do you feel any kind of expectation now on putting the EP out?

I don’t write anything and have expectation I do it because I’m compelled. Radio play and everything else that comes with it is a massive bonus which I’m really grateful for.

What was the selection process like for the EP? Was it difficult deciding which tracks would be released?

I have loads of songs some I want to save for my next album, so it was hard. Sometimes I forget what I’ve written and after recording I’ll remember and think ‘shit I should of put that on’. I think all four songs bleed together well but still tell their own story.

What was the idea behind the video?

It’s quite a dark song so I think the bleakness of it ties in well with the track. I’m lucky enough to live around a lot of nature and open spaces so me and Niamh got in the car and found the best spot that we thought would fit the mood, plus black and white is always a winner.

You’re heading out on tour at the end of March in support of labelmates She Drew The Gun – are you looking forward to playing venues like The Deaf Institute in Manchester?

I am, I love She Drew The Gun and I love Manchester so you can’t go wrong. I played Night and Day last year so if that’s anything to go by I’m in for a treat.


The Salt EP is out today (20th March) via Skeleton Key Records. Marvin Powell plays Liverpool Central Library on 25th March.

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