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How was the experience recording the album?
It was a way of working that I’ve never done before. Usually, I go into a studio with a band and share the experience and create with other people. This time, I made a record in my spare room on my own, tracking every instrument myself, apart from some extra keys on one song and the drums. I also moved house three times while recording this album. It was weird packing up all my worldly possessions into boxes, moving, unpacking and then starting to record again. I was strangely very focused. I remember one of the first things I did after moving into a house-share just off Lodge Lane was record a four-part vocal harmony section. My housemates must have thought I was a right loon.

Which track is the best intro to Ali Horn?
I would say the title track, Balcony Boys. It’s where I’ve been wanting to land musically for a while. It’s a throwback to the early years of garage rock with a whole load of 90s baggy thrown in and a long and swirly outro.

When did you write these songs?
I wrote everything over a six-month period while making the album. I purposefully didn’t want to use any previously written songs. I wanted to capture the feelings of the time as we were/are living in a weird dream.

Are there overriding influences on the album?
There’s the classic big life and death acid flashback stuff, the universe in a grain of sand thinking. Lots of comedown tracks without being too druggy. Overall, I just think there are lots of love songs to the world in it.

Describe Balcony Boys in eight words.
Hopefully it fits in your record collection nicely

Balcony Boys is out now on Rooftop Records. Ali Horn hosts an album launch party at Smithdown Road’s Handyman Pub on Saturday 31st July.


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