Photography: Adam Edwards, Robin Clewley, Keith Ainsworth, Jennifer Pellegrini, John Johnson

Experiencing the thrill of live music is one of the principle feelings that Bido Lito! is founded upon – that rush you get when you’re caught up in the moment during a gig, moshing as one with your fellow sweaty crowd. By way of acknowledging this feeling that unites us all, we asked four of our photographers to turn their cameras away from the artists on stage for once, and train their lenses on to the crowd. What they capture are those moments of pure hedonism and release that you can only get by allowing yourself to be lost in the music. You may not recognise the faces, but you will recognise the exhilaration etched on them.

Photography by: Keith Ainsworth / Robin Clewley / Adam Edwards / Jennifer Pellegrini  John Johnson

Bido Lito Liverpool Bido Lito Liverpool